Big 3 Bring leases back to NY

after a couple of years the Big 3 managed to get the laws “amended” and are now going to offer leases to New Yorkers again. There’s GW helping out the economy for you all. :lol:

now you can go out and lease your H3’s :bloated:

SWWWWEEEETTT Im gonna go and get in an accident and make sure that who I hit sues the company :lol: like smart-buys stopped that!

I’m not getting into a political thing here, but it’s about friggin time they got rid of the vicarious liability in NY. It was insane that our state gov’t is so controlled by the ambulance chasers that we lost leasing. Thank god for the federal gov’t finally stepping in. The law was intended to place some responsibility on trucking and delivery companies for the drivers that pilot the company’s vehicles - not so when someone get’s in an accident you can so anyone and everyone, including the leasing bank.

Every other state but the idiots in NY had the common sense to either remove or modify that law to exempt the leinholders, so it citizens could continue leasing.