Biker down on Fuller Rd near SUNY

Saw it on my way back from a ride around 6:05 pm. There are like 6 cop cars, fire trucks, ambulance you name it. The scene is just pass the traffic circle construction if you are heading western direction.

Just came back from a ride to slingerlands/voorheesvile area, didn’t see any cops going that way.
Lots of bikers out though, not surprising someone would crash :frowning:

Weather was too nice. Too much traffic everywhere…:banghead

What kind/color bike?

Looks like something flat black or something. I also saw a blue/white graphic helmet on the ground.

a bunch of squirrels go out for a ride one is bound to go down lol cuz people cant ride! im gunna start selling training wheels for crotch rockets in the cap region.