Going to do this in the same fashion as SG and Innovative.

Tonight was very busy.

I picked up a heavy load of machining and other Genuine, Canadian-Made BINGS Goodies today… Including a brand new product… 20mm 4/5 lug spacers… now anodized and laser engraved exlcusively for by Bicknell Racing Products (BRP) in Canada.

I also had to pack up a few other goodies to take to Montreal for the BINGS Lounge / Booth…

It’s going to be a great weekend.

Will have HSD coilovers, a variety of Aero-products and all of the generic no-name stuff as well.

See you there.

lol not chinese, i kid i kid :stuck_out_tongue: Nah these look like some nice Canadian made pieces :stuck_out_tongue:

apparently i need to re-iterate to people and prove it with pictures etc. etc. since everyone wants to believe you can’t make viable products in Canada and be competitive.

No I believe you man just poking :slight_smile: Just kidding haha. I legitimately like your latest RUCA, TC rods, spacers, nice products. Should make some non-slip on style spacers like this though: