Bings Tension Control Rod - Prototypes


The spacers at the rod end and the tapped and drilled arm on the end are out for anodizing. They will end up being the gun metal colour that the spin knob is there.

3/4" QA1 rod end, their top of the line high-misalignment rod end. I will accompany it with dust boots. The rod end is teflon lined, 21,400 lb load rating.

The spacers and the tapped rod are all CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum here in Canada.

You’ll see that the format of these rods is essentially the same as battle version and SPL, even the rod end i am using is the same as SPL. The reason for this is to make use of as many pre-fab pieces to keep the manufacture simple.

Price will be $220 - $225 shipped

only took a few variations and remakes…

a couple years ago they looked like this:

battle version here:

if you are wondering who CCF is they are the company that builds all of the components for all of my multi-link suspension arms. They’re glad to be doing more enthusiast level stuff like this rather than the auto-industrial contracts they have been doing for the past 8 months.

Looks very nice. I wonder how that hard bushing affects the steering *feel… may be looking into a set of these.

if you are on your factory TC bushings in an S13 chances are you will notice the difference immediately with a set of these rods.

you will be eliminating a fluid filled bushing and replacing with a high-end rod end.

TC rod bushings are notorious for leaking and seizing, the bolt seizing i mean… i had a hell of a time getting mine out when i first did TC rods a few years back.

brake feel is enhanced significantly and yes you will notice more repsonsive steering.

These rods should have been the first thing we came out with but the previous design just wasnt ready for market… these have been a project in the works for years

are the spin knobs for sale?? :smiley:

If so PM me


i had a batch of spin knobs done, all with my logo on them. They will be ready to go when the everything is back from being anodized.

btw, this is the company that does the anodization:

just in case people were wondering what kind of companies i work with. The connection is that one of the two owners of CCF’s brother is one of the head dudes there.

that other anodized one is being retained for sample colour purposes.

put me down for one bingzorz!!

are you sure theres a significant feel to the steering? i know some ppl with battle version and even with SPL most guys say they can’t feel a significant difference. you may feel the road a bit more and slightly better response but nothing huge. that is comparing oem tc rods that are still functional to spl/battleversion. of course if one has a huge rip then ya, you’ll notice a difference.

the difference one is probably feeling is if you change the caster, then your steering response DOES improve dramatically. it will stiffen up the steering quite a bit.

Binger, i don’t suggest you associate the term ‘snap’ with your tension control rods… people might get the wrong idea… hahahaha

but yes, put me down for a red spin knob please!

edit: by the way, are these rods also adjustable like the battle version ones?

With my SPL’s Braking was DRAMATICLY improved same with responce and feeling thru the steering wheel

And my stock ones were still in good shape.

haha, yeah i cant change the title though…

there will not be any red spin knobs, if you want to spend $90 on anodizing i will have one spin knob done in red for you. That is the minimum charge regardless of quantity unfortunately.

I think you should take a look at the BV and SPL TC rods and compare them… you will see that wea re using the exact same style of components and adjustment. You shouldnt have to ask that question. There would be no point in making them if they werent adjustable.


These rods make a HUGE difference in steering feel and brake feel. They are the only arm that positions your front lower control arm and so they take a huge beating…

The worse your factory bushings are the more of a difference these will make.

ya i agree with how the braking improved a lot because theres no movement in the tension rod as compared to before.

was your stock caster setting set the same? when i tested my friends battle version i was just testing the steering wheel and it felt better but not a HUGE difference. its probably because i don’t drive his car daily and i can’t tell exactly how it was before etc.

there isn’t really anything to argue about here.

a rod end like this will provide a stiffer feel than the fluid filled bushing… the fluid filled bushing on a 15 year old car (upwards of) is going to have alot of play whether it has leaked completely or not.

the TC rod positions your front lower control arm. If there is significant play in the bushing there will be the equivalent play in the position of your lower control arm.

This doesnt even take into account the fact that you can adjust your castor for specific desired settings that will also improve your steering response.

These are really non-issues.

The real questions should be how will these stack up to other market offerings… the answer to those questions lies in the fact that much of the hardware is 100% exactly the same. In fact, these rod ends and double adjusters are the exact ones used on other premium brands.

the question then becomes when will they be available…

the answer to that is unclear.

I will be putting one of the first sets on my car and then the remaining prototypes will be going on Drift Mania competition cars.

they look good Bing, don’t worry.

price is a bit high (same price as SPL) but we’ll see how well they do on the DM cars.

looking forward to hearing some reviews in the summer.

haha, of course the price is similar to SPL… we are using the same stuff.

the price is much cheaper than Tein, Battle Version and other stuff…

Also, if you buy SPL by the time you get it in your hands it will cost more… so i am cheaper.

the after purchase support i give will be superior to SPL’s as well because of proximity. I’ve had many people with BV, JIC or other multi-link arms change over to my stuff because replacing components on anything else costs too much.

look at what julian is going through with his JIC arms. it will cost him over $150 to get a pair of rod ends to replace the ones he has now.

In that sense, there is no comparison, i am far far far cheaper over the lifetime of the products and no US based company can compete

just a quick note, because you use the same material does that really mean same prices? SPL put lots of R&D into it which i assume you don’t to cut costs (smart business ppl would do that, and bing, i assume your somewhat smart). ppl pay the high SPL price becuase of their extensive research and etc. On the other hand, yours may be the same build but just a copy. I thought copies were cheaper than the authentic stuff? But neways, i don’t want to start a flaming war so i’ll be waiting for some reviews!

Good luck bing!

hopefully the DM guys can chime in when they put some on their car.

i’m sorry, but you are assuming everything.

you do not know if anyone, anywhere, ever in the history of earth has ever done any R&D on this kind of part because you were not there. you assume they did and you assume that i didnt depsite the fact that i have shown documentation (images) of previous examples of the product that i used on my car years ago, with lower grade parts.

Could you please back up your assumption of SPL’s R&D with some actual evidence please. You did just say that you are buying their R&D and that i didnt do any.

Can you please provide me with any information that you have so that i can comapre it to my own.

I’m not even saying that they didnt, i’m just saying that you dont know what it was and that you are simply assuming that it happened down in Texas and assuming that it didnt happen up here in Niagara.

i’m assuming you havn’t done MUCH R&D because as the title states, protype, which means still in the R&D phase.

but you already have a price for prototypes that are not yet open for the public.

with that said, i’m using an educated guess and i believe im correct.

if i’m wrong i apologize bing, but to prove me wrong further can you show some specs or some proof of R&D into your products?

how long have they been on cars? not long since they are prototypes right?

if i’m wrong i apologize bing, but lets be honest.

your in the copy premium branded parts and make them your own, what smart business man would put R&D into parts that he/she is copying?

if i were in your boat i wouldn’t either to save cost/time right?

yes you may have put SOME R&D into them but not as much as SPL.

the reason why i assume SPL has because they have 2 different versions, meaning they have improved on their old ones to come up with new ones, hence meaning they put some developement into their new ones?

if i’m assuming that and im wrong, ok.

i just don’t see how copied parts can have the same price as brand named parts.

but like i said, i don’t want to start a flaming war.

i hope to hear some good reviews in comparsion to that of SPL.

good luck bingz0rs!

btw, this isnt a flame bing i hate him thread, just open discussion.

i don’t see anything wrong with it.

just opinions being thrown back and forth.

good luck bing!

Samson, i posted pics of previous versions of my TC rod that are 2-3 years old. If that is the only thing yoe base your R&D assumption on then how do you come to such a different conclusion?

dont get me wrong, i love SPL parts… i would recommend that anyone who doesnt use my gear go out and buy SPL and forget about everything else on the market… in fact, i think i told you that straight up in a conversation we had a month or so ago… if you dont buy my gear go buy SPL…

it is not fair for anyone to call the multi-link arms i do ‘copies’. There is no other RUCA on the market like the Bings RUCA. No other arm uses the same format as mine and it took several months and several revisions to develop.

Yes there are other trailing arm kits on the market that use the same adjustment format as mine but that hardly makes them a copy when mine came out before theirs…lol… you have to keep in mind that this is the 3rd year i have had this stuff on the market and the arms took months to develop.

I do in fact have CAD layouts of all of the different RUCA, toe and traction arm and TC rod designs… how do you think the stuff gets run through the CNC?

you dont just talk into the machine and out pops a TC rod.

You also need to look deeper into other companies and figure out where they came from, because i know for fact that the biggest assumptions people make are the expanse and grandeur of some of the companies in this industry.

I have dealt closely with many companies and i am familiar with how they operate and then i hear people talk about them like they do hundreds of hours of R&D in a year… come on.

Having just filed with Revenue Canada for the SR&ED credit and handling the process from start to finish i can tell you that i have more than enough information to support the R&D and it is the type of information you dont just take pictures of and show to everyone.

i mainly support bings products the most with this statement… its Canadian goods… in fact it is indeed very strong and well made and competitive with other brand name products… i have the experience of using his products on track before and also saving money from replacement parts

of course if u have money u can get the well known name brand parts like Battleversion or Cusco multilinks