Blasts Rock London

My cousin is in London right now on study abroad for the summer. He IMed me that he felt the blasts go off, and everything is pretty crazy there right now.

Well, taking over Iraq sure solved that problem didn’t it Mr. Blaire (Mr. Bush included).



Holy shit, Im surprised there wasnt more people killed, but the subways there are more solid than the fuckhead terrorists give them credit for.

Seriously, what kind of incompetent terrorist can blow off that many explosives and only kill two people

not that it’s a bad thing


that was my inital thought but i guess those were just the beginning death tolls, they are up to 40 but im sure it will go up. i think their goal was to collapse a huge section of the london underground but the thing was built to withstand a heck of alot more than a few small bombs.

True, True


This shiet pisses me off so much…

Anyone think it has something to do with London winning the bid for the olympics…

If it did they sure got things running quick. Usually big attacks like that are planned out.

no its the summit about to start regaring african healthcare/aids and the environemtn

Yeah it seems to be changing by the minute now they are saying: “Three U.S. law enforcement officials said at least 40 people were killed and London hospitals reported more than 350 wounded in the terror attacks.”

This is just completely disgusting! :mad:

:tup: G8, they said.


Same thought crossed my mind. Even though the planning stages for something like this do take some time, who is to say they don’t have terrorists located in each of the four cities that were up for selection. Its not impossible, but a bit farfetched.

I still think it was VERY smart of them not to attack US soil. They know that the very large majority of the american public will easily shrug this off because “it doesn’t effect them”. Had this happened in NYC, the response would have been immediate and harsh, considering this trigger happy cowboy we have in office.

so true, and it really pisses me off…

if a bomb doesn’t fall in my backyard it doesnt fall at all…and if it falls on poor peoples stuff it really didnt happen…it negatively happened…so if it does happened tomorrow, it will be cancelled out.

-Typical American-

So you mean the same way people in other countries think also? How many countries help us during stuff like this?

But ya it sucks, but this is the face of war. Alot of civilians are being killed in Iraq so its gonna happen elsewhere also.

Disclaimer…Dont take that as me saying its ok or good or anything like that.

Yea, ethnocentrism exists everywhere, not just america, this is true.

and not many countries do step in to help us when shit goes down.

heres a heated question

do you think the U.S. is obligated, as the most powerful nation in the world, to help poorer nations in their time of need (where as poorer nations are not obligated to help us)?

let’s keep it above the belt.


i cant believe this crap happens continously around the world…i thought about it being because of the olympics at first, but i doubt that since it seems well planned out and occured in 4 places…

i have a friend studying in London right now as well…havent heard from him just yet but i hope he’s alright

if you want to ask that i say make a new thread so this one doesnt go way offtopic. Then i will answer it.

37 people killed, 700 injured now.