More bombs go off in London




Just turn the middle east into a parking lot already.

This war is such a bitch…How do you declare war when you only really want to fight the minority of a country.



idiotic statement


wanst a very pc comment i admit but i get frustrated when i hear about that stuff. i retract my previos statement, even though its out there.

yeah this is definitly not the work of any sort of organized terrorists, more of a copycat attack, that didn’t go as planned

I jsut heard on the news some people on one of the trains noticed the guy leave a bag, they started to chase him but he appearently got away. Hopefully they get this guy.

I used to work near the Hackney Road tube station… after the last attacks I emailed my old bosses to make sure they were safe, and they were OK. This really pisses me off and scares me… :frowning:

one of the suspects was shot and killed during some step of this new attack

the previous terroroists spent 1000 dollars on calogne to mast the odor of the chemical explosives they were carrying

this second attack failed because despite attempting to use the same type of homemade explosives as the first attack, they were mixed wrong and didnt detonate, only the blasting caps went off

during one of these attacks, someone could smell the chemical bomb and allerted others, i beleive this iwas at the same location where the suspect was shot and killed

This could have been so much worse, its fortunate that the bombers screwed up so badly. Im pretty sure no one was killed by the actual attack, thankfully.

they beleive that the man that ran away after he bomb failed yesterday, is they guy that tried to run from the cops today, who then wound up shot dead today

I thought London Police didn’t carry firearms? : offtopic :

Or are they strapping now?

they are now. Can’t blame them one bit.

Thats probably the equal to our SWAT team. on tv i still didnt see any regular po po packin’ the heat.

My friend lives there :nervous:

I thinks its about damn time we bomb a few countries and get this fucking retardedness out of the world

I don’t, and I’ll tell you why.

Years before you were born and years before we even gave a rats ass about what was happening in Iraq (for example…I’m assuming thats what your talking about), Iraqi’s were the ones fighting Sadam. Speaking in particular about a family I consider my own. One by one families like this were killed off by Loyalists. Some of those people gave their whole life and their own life fighting a good cause.

I don’t feel like typing anymore and there is a customer walking in… But to bomb a whole country over a select group is the most retarded idea ever and I willl argue it untill I turn blue in the face.

It would be like if Catholics (no offense i am one) started killing Candians. Should Canada nuke the whole U.S. if American Catholics started bombing Canada. No.

Thank you, come again.