Blockchain thread

Blockchain Thread

So yo, I’m trying to understand the blockchain market for future blockchain investing.

It seems that HIVE is the one serious holding right now. They are a blockchain miner who is accumulating the coins. It appears there are a bunch of different blockchain related companies but I’m curious as to what you / we think the opportunity is with blockchain integration.

Specifically, are banks and other financial companies going to do all of their blockchain integration in-house or are they going to go to blockchain specialty companies to help them migrate their internal systems over to blockchain?

These videos are the most interesting I have watched thus far as far as blockchain and investing philosophy with real companies.



To me it seems waaay to early days to be putting money in with any serious expectation of return in the short term.

I saw just a thing about Crypto currency blockchaining making AI more intelligent. My head exploded.

yo… how do we make this thread not suck then?

i’d like separate blockchain from bitcoin

man, i wish i had gotten in on this one before they changed their name and ran up :slight_smile:

Uhhh… This is an interesting use. Art, music, NBA cards, etc. One of the first Vine clips sold for $17k.

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Love this:

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That’ll cover his rent for 8 hours.

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