Blocking a number with a cell phone

Is there a way to block an incomming call on a cell phone?

just go to your provider (verizon etc.) and tell them you do not want that number to be able to call you. They will program it in on their end and you will not get the calls anymore.

Is it the damn civic guys calling you up in the middle of the night not saying anything just breathing into the phone. Those rat bastards!!:wink:

not breathing, just revving.

LOL…not exactly…Layzie kept calling me to post a picture of his damn car…j/k

they wont block and individual number. I know, I tried. I had to change my number. If its due to harrassment and you tell them you spoke with the police (dont know if you have to produce a report, I didnt), they will do it free of charge.

no, they wont. thanks though

you should be able to do it yourself in your phone. maybe not every phone, but a few i had, you could change to block incoming calls by certain numbers. check settings.

Hit ignore?

Does your shirt keep calling and want you to take it back?

changing a number can be risky too, since there aren’t any ‘new’ cell phone numbers, you could end up getting calls for whoever used to have that number.