bloody show off......

I received my new boost manifold this afternoon for my transverse KA.
It is not equal length but the prior owner pulled 447 at the wheel on a gt35 running sard inj on haltech.

I’ll be looking to run around the same numbers, looking for 550 at the crank.

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Also went down to Penn state last month and picked up my nissan axxess 4wd drivetrain.


looks like an interesting build is coming

All of my engine work is getting done at Gord Bush. Sucks but no one has a torque plate available to let so we have to build our own for the ka.
Deposit is down @ BC for my 96mm FCW.

check out the blog!

sponsor me with gifts and we can ride up the waves of glory… puke lol

  • Billy

hey got any plans for the drivetrain to keep the transfer and/or diffs from blowin up?

dog box

The big issue is the engine torque so i’ll need to use a twin disc.
Transmission case needs to be reinforced.
Transfer box will be fine.

OH snap?
what’s this??

bc fcw you don’t say? stock crank 96mm for the ka? maybe.

Have you guys seen this before?

Hope you didn’t pay a lot for that manifold…


My only concern is this, how will the drivetrain handle the shock and torque? Will you change out/treat all of the gears and whatnot?

Why is that?

Because he’s very concerned with your financial welfare/ cool like that.

Thanks Zac lol
That’s like Tino saying’ he’s 6’5"


some measuring for the s14 rear subframe

extended studs so i can properly fit my wheels, and open lug nuts

switching to mr2 3rd gen electric power steering so I had to modify the timing chain cover
running a 2001 nissan quest 145 amp alternator to power the power steering pump

got some of my hoses setup
Running 2 pcv check valves to the catch can

switched the autometer gauges to -an fittings b/c i didn’t trust the nylon compression fittings on the mechanical gauges

running the skull&bones oil filter relocation setup. gotta buy a cooler next

SPL s14 front tie outer tie rod. who knew. oh yeah. me.

Knife edged the crank via Gord Bush

and the beauty in the girdle

got my pistons and main bearings coated. Ceramic & viscous coatings

crappy cell phone picture

some carbon fiber work

and vinyl wrapping the car

GORD BUSH= the shit … Sent a customers rb20 there … Flawless for
Over 30,000km … My old sr is on its way to him in a couple weeks

Is that the avery vinyl? if so how do you like working with it around contours

The material is scotchprint 1080. It is the default vinyl wrap material from 3m. It’s really easy to work with. The thicker the vinyl, the lower the scotchprint #.