BMW 4 Series

BMW G37?

I’m a coupe fan so I think it looks good. This interior is wild too:

I… I don’t even know what to think about that interior.

I like it in the picture. But from my experience I know it probably will suck IRL. (Not saying anything about BMW, more of the color combo)

I’d get down.

call me old fashioned, but i like black interior.

Bigger than 3, smaller than 5?

I was looking at this a couple hours ago and thought the same thing RE: G37 comment.

I like it.

If it’s like the new 6-Series sedan & coupe, and it looks that way, it’s going to be awesome.

Cool a less reliable G37

same as 3, but BMW is dropping the 3 series coupe…

I don’t think the G37 is in the same class as this car, This is a good competitor to the A5, the infinity just seems to lack the quality IMO

This is to compete with the hundai sonata…right?

it’s a bit boring.

M6 gran coupe > this.

I like everything about it minus the bumpers.

ill have one

those bumpers are fucked up.

did they hire a hyundai designer or something? ugh.

i love bmw’s, but i dont like the front or rear of this thing.

hoping that when i retire the ram to second vehicle duties and can get back into a bmw for a DD there will be something more asthetically pleasing.

Can’t wait for the m4, have a feeling it will be my first “new” car


Will probably need major engine work after 17-18,000 miles. Probably won’t be covered under warranty either. Meh.

I see what ya did there