Now that I have some time off of work I can post!

Yeah I’m here too :slight_smile:

:wave: hi Josh

yay…josh is here!!!..:wave:

what up

I think we need that :wave: smile here… lol

what upppppppp ddaawwwwggggg

sup guru of the cell phone

Word Josh, glad to have you here, man!!

The GAZELLE!!! sup mang

Another Z owner??? this early…garbage :frowning: but anyway…welcome Mr. Fish Scales Z :slight_smile:

lmao at the fish scales … welcome josh

Z owners = to honda hatch owners



nice to meet you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t it SPERMZ32?:shrug:

hi Josh

Shut up Jon…just because your car is the color of pee doesnt mean that you have to reference car colors to things that come out of your yank stick. :slight_smile:

^^^^ omg hahahahahhaa


im gonna have to start handing out invites… we cant have this. :slight_smile:

whats up josh :o