Bored during the 'Rona season: off brand drone

Hey All,

I am bored. I am also newer to the topic of drones.

My dad has a DJI Mavic Pro, but other than conversations with him on that, and quality drones, I am at a loss.

Anyone recently pick up one of these cheap off brand drones? Any success? Looking to spend very little as I don’t see myself taking the hobby much further than this. I just want something I can use with my iphone and that takes decent pics/video. Send links!

Don’t know anything about ones to take pictures. That shit is boring. :slight_smile:

Getting a little racer you can bash around and go right back into the air with is way more fun.

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Or this! Sure.

Get me pointed in the right direction.

I have 2 right now:

That’s the one I post videos with because it has an onboard DVR that you just pop a micro sd card into. It’s really fast, pretty tough, and super dumb to try and fly indoors. It’s just too fast and with no prop guards you crash and break stuff as soon as you bump into something. It’s way better outside in the wind than my other one, plus it has a 200mw video transmitter so I can fly it to the end of my street.

That’s the other one I have, that I recommend as the perfect starter quad for anyone that just wants to rip around. It doesn’t have onboard DVR though, so if you want to save videos of your flights you need a pair of goggles with DVR or a little ground station with DVR. It will still fly outside, though it’s more susceptible to wind. What’s awesome is you can fly it indoors with total reckless abandon. I’ve crashed it into almost everything in the house including my dog, kid and wife with no real consequences. It weighs next to nothing so you won’t wreck stuff in your house and it has prop guards so you can glance off stuff in your house and just keep on flying. It’s far smoother and easier to fly and still very fast. Because it weighs next to nothing crashes never seem to hurt it. The props eventually crack but I ordered a set of 20 of them on ebay for like $10. It also has turtle mode so if you end up crashing and upside down you can flip a switch on the transmitter and it reverses the props and most of the time you can flip it back over remotely.

If you just want something to get you through corona, but one of the RTF tinyhawk kits.

If you think you might take the hobby a little farther, get a computer radio that you can use with future quads. I have this one and it does everything I need:

These are the “goggles” I use. I put the quotes because they’re not really goggles but a weird mirror based visor that puts a screen right in front of you. They’re cheap, they work great, and they have true diversity which really helps with reception. This is my #1 item I’d like to upgrade but I’m waiting to see what happens with DJI’s digital system and if someone comes out with a cheaper competitor. Hit up youtube for “DJI air unit” to see how ridiculous digital FPV is.

I have this charger that I bought at Fields Hobby:

You’ll also want a parallel charge board so you can charge multiple lipos at once:

And batteries. What ever ones are cheap and recommended for the quad you’re looking at.

I’m getting pretty addicted to flying. I’ve always had RC planes/helis but being able to put yourself virtually into the cockpit and fly FPV makes it a million times more fun.

BTW… if you want it any time soon don’t order from China. My China orders from Banggood usually takes 30-45 days and that was before COVID-19 screwed up shipping even worse. I just linked there because that’s where I bought a bunch of stuff.


This is the other one I’d consider as a first quad. It just came out and from the reviews I’ve watched it’s even better than my tinyhawk s for ripping around indoors. Not sure if there are any ready to fly kits out there. There’s a good chance I’ll order one soon.