Anyone own one of these quadcopter things?

I impulse bought one last night on Amazon Prime, seems like a good ass time, yet I have no idea what I’m doing.

Kind of a cool little toy though.


A co-worker builds his own from the frame up. Even has a GoPro, and POV goggles so he can pilot the thing. Camera’s are on a gyro so they stay balanced during flight.


^ In for pics. I am also interested in these.


A good friend has had one for a couple years now. His photo’s of different area’s of the city are amazing.

Seems fun, just be careful where you fly them.


Which one did you get?


I have a Parrot AR 2.0 Power Edition. Haven’t taken it out of the box yet, it’s currently boxed up and in my dining room.


I’ve got one of the little Hussan 107’s (~5" square). Lots of fun to mess with in the house and at work.


Been thinking about a DJI Phantom


I’ve got a couple small quadcopters for flying around the house. Estes Proto X and a Hubsan X4 h107. Perfect way to learn to fly them before moving up to a big camera drone. I plan on building a nice FPV rig eventually.


Syma X5C - just a little one to see if I ever take it out more than the first time I get it. Then I’m thinking about getting one of those crazy FPV ones, and upgrading the transmitter so I can try to fly it super far. No idea which models are good so suggestions are appreciated.

Was looking at this cuz it’s turnkey FPV for the most part:



Get decent reviews there are number of sub $100 that are actually pretty decent

I’m waiting for the next revision of the Phantom to come out and getting it or after the newest firmware going with the built in camera one.


I’ve been really interested in one as well. There’s that guy who has a dj2 who records all of the big events in buffalo and I really like his work.


Played with a DJI in Florida last year. Was amazing. The stability on the camera is amazing and the controls are really accurate. We messed with the air points too so you can expand the range and fly the thing some serious distance. Would love one but they $2k. Haha


Wanted to buy one for some commercial use but the FAA wont allow it. Only a few companies were given permits. I read a guy was fined $10k for using it commercially…sux

Im sure they will require registration/permiting and NYS will try to push a 7 battery limit


A friend of mine has/had a DJI Phantom Vision II. Really cool machine! Easy to fly, good feature set and great recording. Here is a sample video we took (yours truly driving the boat). Frankly, I’d probably prefer to have a gopro mounted than to have the built-in vision2 camera here, but that’s beside the point lol.

oh and here is another one of wakeboarding at a cable park


Ya this police state of America won’t let me fly one of these around the white house or airports. What kind of country do we live in!


DJI now has firmware that will block flight within 15 miles of downtown DC and within 8(?) miles of an airport


Actually they’re trying to restrict them in a ton of places but carry on


I have a dji phantom 2

love it, awesome toy for sure

I bought it mostly to test out new software that i want to buy at work (that’s how i justified it atleast:snky:)

I think i have a photo or two on this computer from the holidays


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The potential these things have is truley amazing as i have had one for a few months now almost everyday i come up with a new way to use it

I was at my parents house in Rochester for the holidays and our neighbors were in the back yard looking for a lost dog…i grabbed the drone flew over the 4 acre property @200ft or so and searched the property…didn’t find it but let them know he wasnt on my parents lot REALLY cool for search and rescue


So I get the drone today and master flying it around my house. Go outside (in NYC nonetheless, not the place to do this) and decide to see if I can just whip it around real quick. Didn’t factor in the 20 mph wind earlier and it belts into some dudes patio window.

Looks like I’m buying another drone :tif: