brakes for mr2's

I want to replace the pads and rotors so that I have all new stuff. I was thinkin napa, but does anyone get decent discounts or know of a good place to buy online?

Im gonna check tomo, but i think napa would be relatively cheap for good parts anyway…


Just don’t buy cheep parts. For example, I bought 4 rotors for my car for around $100 from a local parts place… less than 3k miles and they are warped to shit. :tdown:

My $.02 - I jost got hawk HPS pads for my GTP, and with new OEM rotors, theyre absolutly amazing. Id suggest you do the same, seems to be a great combo. Go to carquest and get their premium rotors, ive never had a problem with them…

skrappa has a huge hookup for mr2 brakes at napa…just ask jim…

yea, i know thats why i was thinkin napa first ;). I don’t wanty to buy OEM because its so much more money and better or par can be had for less. I.E. the 4 rotors and new pads all the way around on my RX-8 woulda been 900+ for just the OEM parts $200 per front rotor at northtown mazda :confused:

i think thats where josh got his brakes for the Z from? correct me if im wrong

I got my Brembo rotors from Innovative. Really good price, and I couldn’t be happier with them.

dude do you already have 93+ turbo brakes on your car?

if not you need to upgrade

if so call skrapper i guess

the MR2’s brakes r0x0r as it is

its like 70 bucks for front rotors and pads man…a bit shy of your estimate…

and yea, if you have 93+ brakes already, your just hopeless…

i think you meant <93 :smash2:

Onyx, I would never get inexpensive stuff for a car like that. Chances are , they have been sitting on the shelf for many many years. The metal in the “cheap” rotors tends to “sag” as it sits on the shelf. If it were a more common car they get great results because the product just plain moves better and has a much shorter “factory release” to “install time”. You would be suprised how much of a difference a little nickle content can make on prventing that. Better rotors always have higher nickle content and resist noise and warp a lot less.

I was looking into the brakes for the MR2’s and the 94 seems to be in a league of its own. The rear axle brake stuff gets a little expensive. Any other MR2 and the premium stuff is dirt cheap.

^^ Yeah I know that now :slight_smile:

Axxis Ultimates + Cheep Rotors = :tdown:

You know you can always bring those rotors back and get a brand new set, no questions asked

Really? You probably told me that and I forgot. But will they crap out just as fast as the ones I have… ?

If Jay let’s you, I would trade in…You could probably get credit for the bad set and upgrade to the better set.

I ran shitty rotors on my car for > two years. I did a lot of brake boosting, track time, and of course some very spirited driving on these bad boys with no warping at all, changed them and they warped in a week. Sometimes you just get a bad rotor. I upgraded just for peace of mind.

skrappa napa parts are :tup:

i can’t see myself going anywhere else for anything oem for a long time :tup: :tup:

If you want try TriNet Motorsports online. They are also on EBAY. I got 4 rotors for my beast shipped for 130. SilverGTP got 4 rotors, slotted, drilled, plated and pads all around for under 300.

Its worth a try. Def get the plating though, or they will rust the next day.