Britney trying to park

ugh… I’d still hit it

Bahhaa…she sucks…I’d still hit it too…shes hott…:hitit:

that was like a video of nothing significant :gotme:

she naaaayed him hardcore.

I get nayed sometimes.

she used to look good now i could care less about her, plus shes a bo-tard anyways

Well im sure its a little harder when you got a new car you dont want to fuck up and you got people running all around you taking pics and shit. And you know if she hit one they would be sue her in an instant.

i love that word

well i say she simply has no idea how to drive period … doesnt matter what shes in

the idiot was REVVING HER ENGINE while trying to paralell park … and we alll know thats not the way to do it …

auto = ease off the brake
manual= ease off the clutch till your rollin

anything else is a sign of bad driving unles u have TONS of space … which she apparently didnt

hahaha so terrible, but i’d still hit it

maybe she has a huge stall or hardcore unsprung clutch so she has to rev it up :lol:

good point … very good point

I hope that video isn’t recent… the smoking/pregnant thing

shes a cute pregnant chick. but jessica simpson stll owns wall!
and plus shes not pregnant so thats even better~

haha figured someone would thats y i used it lol

I’d pee in her butt.

star is totally greater than jessica, bryce man :tdown: girl’s got a beat face, imh0

i’d get that britney shit barefoot and pregnant, but only if she’s rockin some good cankles :tup:

star? you mean the big fat black woman from ,uh, that show?
you think shes hotter than jessica simpson! WTF!.
ok well i guess you have diffrent taste in women… UGLY!

"star is greater then jessica =
*> the jessica … meaning anything is greater then jessica