bugatti veyron

this might be a repost but i dont care, this is sick:eek2:

idc either, one sick car.

gee, it looks familiar. Like I sent it to you this morning!

fastest production car UNTIL the new vette comes out


But this one is faster and it did it in 1988, and it only needed 2 turbo’s…

That is a ridiculous machine.

this is true but you did not post it

Wow. “Look for my acceleration point, then give it the beans down the straight.”


Have you seen the pictures of the first one that hydroplaned and crashed in the UK?

You got them?

and the second one


The article about it is pretty funny also.

We only know of one other time a Bugatti Veyron has been wrecked, and that was during the car’s development when a prototype was destroyed doing a high-speed test. There there was the time a preproduction Veyron performed a very public spin-out at Mazda’s Laguna Seca Raceway during the Monterey Historics. These incidents actually delayed the debut of the production car, though perhaps it should have stayed in the oven a bit longer if its designers were worried about stability at speed.

Reports this morning are flooding in of the first known wreck of a Bugatti Veyron on public roads, and there are pictures to prove it. Very little is known about the circumstances expect that the crash occured in the U.K. and was apparently the result of hydroplaning. For a car with an MSRP well over a million bucks, we assumed that when hydroplaning is detected the car would immediately enter hovercraft mode, but we now know that’s not the case.

We should end this post with that greatest of car wreck jokes: “Think that’ll buff out?” No. No it won’t.

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wow, that was sick… and the one that wrecked, it still probably has a salvage title thats worth more then most peoples houses…

actually the sledgehammer vette was like 0.5 mph slower than the veyron

Don’t know where that came from but its cool. Apparently theres a car company that going to be trying to break the Veyron’s record for being the fastest production car. I’m pretty sure it’ll cost less too.

I’ve always known of the Sledgehammer & thought it is one of the baddest cars ever built. I recently read an article in an old Hot Rod or Motor Trend about the 255 mph run & supposedly the Sledgehammer was driven a few hundred miles each way to and from the track & they did tuning on the trip. John Lingenfelter was the driver of the 255 mph run back in 1988. John actually worked for Reeves Calloway back then. I’m not sure when his LPE business venture started, but I would think it was after that.

There was also a C5 that lingenfelter built/drove that went 235 mph in street trim (except for tires - they were nitrogen filled). It had a completely stock body with no aero assistance.

Veron went 253, Sledgehammer went 254.76 MPH…

This is Blue’s math…for some reason I don’t think that is correct

253.00 MPH
-254.76 MPH


I would say it is more like

254.76 MPH
-253.00 MPH

001.76 MPH