c4 goes down...

to an sti pulling a trailer with a jetski on it.
yeah, i know they are balls slow, but the guy thought he was hot shit, speeding up, slowing down, having long hair, etc. Finally, we lined up at about 45. I just jumped on it and walked away. then i slowed down to the speed limit (and lower) and he wouldnt pass me. LOL. The drive of shame. Beat by a 3900lb 6 wheeled import.

aaaaaah hah hah ah ha ha … thats a special kind of owned

way to represent

ugh :bloated:


seriously newman, this racing while towing shit has got to stop!

racing with a trailer rules. i think my 10" tires are z rated…? :stuck_out_tongue:

ha awesome, when do i get to use the jetski?..trade you my car for it…ya know, the one you’ve already had for 349875943759 years?

Living in fear of imports with trailers! :rofl:


hope you got that thing strapped down good

hahaha nice kill

waiting for the jetski bounced off and owned a minivan story, good kill though


the jetski is held onto the trailer really well… its the trailer flying off my car that poses more of a threat.


you are really awsome

but you already knew that

Lol, I was waiting for this thread to pop up on here.

I got to Point Breeze on Saturday and see an STi with a trailer and just knew it was you. :lol:

I sent you a PM too Newman.

if by “sent you a pm” you mean “didn’t send you a pm” then i read you loud and clear…

Lol, I got a little sidetracked. So much shit to do after getting home from camping, lol.

I’ll get it out later tonite.

so whens the hitch going on the 240? lolol

and you should so get someone like riding on the jetski, then go race ppl

can you drift a trailer?