$12,000 street racing in STL, these guys dont mess around..

Watch the vid, starts out slow, but then the leetsauce cars come out to play…


holllllyyyy fuck @ the turbo stang about 3/4 of the way into the vid, almost lost it. :eek:

I guess these guys meet up from all over, better bring atleast an 8 second ride if you wanna play with these boy$$$$



Edit: Where the hondas at? :gotme: :gotme:

  1. Playing on the thruway
  2. Hooking up stereo equipment
  3. Fixing their boost leaks, bald tires, pump gas tune, retarded timing, slipping clutches, etc…
  4. They just plain no better than to show up at a real race.

beat end. nice try though, with the whole ordeal

There some other good vids out there too. The 405guys,OKC,DFWSS.
there shit moves out.

i’m diggin the bowtie on the front end of the 'stang

AMS should go to this with their evo and own everyone lol

I think the whole deal is lame anyhow. They’re all trailer queens. Drive your car there race and go home. That’s was street racing is.

Gotta love a bad ass nova,well i do that is!!

Thats what i thought at first, but then you realize that some of these guys came out to St louis from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and then its understandable. I bet if all the cars were local the majority wouldnt have to be trailered in. Trailer queens FTL

i just can’t imagine the setup time involved here. its not like you going to say oh shit cops and sneek out.

5 figure money at stake isn’t going to draw any heads/cam cars. With that much money on the line, it’s race-car-with-license-plates time. If you had that much money on the line, you’d be rocking slicks, dumped exhaust, race gas, etc…

There are some places where the cops tend to look the other way. Lay 200 feet of rubber in Amherst and you’ll have 15 cruisers on your ass in no time, do the same in Buffalo, and the cops will be like “DAMN, do that again!!”

I know there have been races for $5000 in Buffalo…

No one on here is fast enough…or if they were probably wouldn’t end up with the money even if they did win.

Speak for yourself … I have been involved in a few big money races back when i had my bike … they have no problem paying a white guy …

and if anyone on here would like to put up dough … let me know … i am in touch with the right people everyday …


I thought I saw some guys come down for a nitrous fill at PMP a few weeks back, talking about some 4-figure money at stakes later that night…and I’ve never even seen them at Mighty before, go figure!

Yah iono… the cars are awesome, no doubt about that.

but there is nothing really cool about a bunch of fat old men coming together for this.

if there is so much money on the line you’d think they’d want the accuracy of a tree and actual 1/4 slips

^^^Heard the same kind of stories at speed shops I’ve hung out at.

sooo where’s your 8 sec car? :gotme: :gotme:

waste of money :gotme: :gotme:

do you still have your leet 9 second sickvick?

They should just rent a drag strip for the day,it would make life much easier.