Yeah, my STi has a hitch... so what?

I can totally tow my jetski around now… sweet. It is barely visible when the drawbar is removed. Pretty rad. So what if i didn’t hook up the lights…?

Pics or ban!!

^^ Agreed. What kind is it? I’ve been thinking about getting a hitch for mine so I can move my race tires and crap and actually carry something else in the car at the same time.

drawtite model #24710

what color is your STI? where you on the 90-W today around 1ish?

it is black, but i wasnt on the thruway at that time.

its pink


and bring it out sunday…

the stickers have GOT TO GO.

nice man :tup:

Now thats something you don’t see everyday, an sti towing a jetski … and y0 waverunna iz r|ced 00uuttt


spray bomb the trailer and krylon the jetski

both black of course


i sold the 94 and bought a 2005. lol. looks better behind my car anyways. picking it up tommorow.

well now if you flip this one over…you won’t have to swim it back to shore :wink:

you have got to come out to the water this weekend, harborfest nuff sed… bring your girl and we’ll do it up saturday

wow, you have absolutly no self control

some how you can not eat meat, or drink, or whatever… but with everything else you’re a fucking animal. lol

WTF newman…is that CLEAN money ur spending?

nah, he rubs it on his ass first