Listed up on eBay-

WNY Federal Credit Union gave me 1.75% on it and payments are surprisingly affordable

I know someone wants it!

I just wish those things weren’t so damn slow.

Damn 1.75% Jesus that is low

so nice

not to mention gay lol if anyone’s wondering I financed $35k on it, costs me $550 a month, 60 months, baller on a budget!

Penfed rates are even lower. Love these in victory red and I’m not that huge on C6s. Sweet that it only has 16000 miles too.

Not a bad deal, has it been farted in?


excessively , hence my low reserve price of $37,500

I am well aware you can find a 4 owner 60k mile Z for $33-$34k, trust me in the world of Z06s 4 owners and 60k miles is what 200k is to a WRX or 150k is to a ls1 fbod : )

my fart thing went off

sexy car and well worth the money for a low mileage well kept example, and you don’t have to fly to texas to get it. if I wasn’t about to lose my job I would strongly be considering this. good luck man.

I wish, penfed is at 2.49 for 60mo used right now.

sweet car… I’m still C6 hunting, but don’t want a Z.

I just looked into it and could have sworn they were under 1%. I got approved for one in case I found something I wanted. Maybe they just went up. I really don’t think I was looking at the wrong chart either, but I see that they are now 2.49.