Cad leet guys - someone make me a pattern for segmented bends !

bah, i suck at making leet jdm style segmented bends … ive been tryin to lay this shit out for way to long

someone with cad do me a favor and whip this up for me so i can cut and weld the 3 that i need

the pipes im using are 2.5" and the inside radius of the bend has to be like 1"

see attached patern

thanks in advance

it has to be 3.5" from lower left red edge to upper right green egde in an L shape

what exactly do you want?

we need to use inventor herE…i hate microstation

the piecut sections i need “unwrapped” and laid flat, so i can print them out and a use them as templets on my pipe … … that way i have accurate cutlines, and not these shitty ones i keep managing to draw myself

this is the example i found :

edit: newman, i knew youd be the one that answered this post, lol

I dont understand why you need a development (laid out/unwraped) drawing of the section unless your actually rolling metal to make your pipe. If you have 2.5" pipe sections just cut the angles and weld it together.

when u make 2 diagnal cuts across a pipe, if you were to snip the resuting pieces and lay them flat, the edges arent straight … they are s curves

click the link i posted above and youll see what i mean in the top left of the pic

the cuts would be easy w/ a bandsaw, but they are coming out fubar for me with the sawzall i have, so if newan sends me the pattern in 2d form, i can print them out, wrap them around the pipe and then just trace them onto the pipe i have and follow the line all the way around the pipe .

would sure turn out better then the scrap metal i made over here today

and i realy dont have time to mess around, dyno day is tomorrow and me and mikle have enough shit to do today as it is

I know what developments are. I do that shit all day long when I make patterns for insulation panels to cover pipe. I still dont understand why you dont take 2.5 pipe and just cut it to make the 3 sections instead of taken sheets and folding it. Wish ya luck. IF you need help or if newman doesnt come threw hit me up on aim, same name as on here.

i have tubing and im using tubing… i just cant get a proper cut on the pipe that turns out anywhere near close enough to weld together along the edges … 1/4 inch gaps are not a good thing when u are trying to buttweld pipe

ill just print the paterns out and wrap them around the pipe i have and make the cuts

its damn hard to hold a pipe down w/ one hand, operate a fullsize electric saws all with the other … AND cut at a perfect angle …

hell … i cant even figure out how wide the wide sides are and how narrow the narrow sectiosn are

cad patterns > noob attempt at freehanding X eleventy billion

All u need is a ruler, pencil and calculator to get ur circumfrance if u cant handle 2.5x3.14

alright, i will do it, sit tight. what format do you want it in? i dont know if a jpeg will hold the size true.

just put dimensions on the JPEG and he can print to his liking

here, i have it as a pdf if you want that, it will be scaled properly

<---- Hot Rod Kid - thank you both very much guys, jay, the size grid worked out perfect, just copied that image over to my photochop, masked it off to include 2 of the page edges and exclude the other 2, resized it right to 11x8.5 , made them per page

I have used microstation in the past. WORST program ever

made them per page and printed out a few sheets

just made my first 90, and its comin out WAY better then i could have done w/o the patterns

i owe you two a favor … newman, need any welding done ? guys need any body work ?

be more then happy to help ya gusy out some some time … but the welder is to big to transport just so ya know

eh, maybe help me put my car back together sometime.


fine by me … 7254483 is my cell , gimme a call next time u want a hand, as long as you realize my broke ass needs a ride

Im glad it worked for you. If you need anything else drawn up let me know. I dont need anything in return. Only took me a few mins.