camping/hiking sites?

anyone on here into camping or hiking? im looking for a good campsite within a few hours of albany, not to sound cheap but im not looking to spend a lot, im just looking for a decent place to go for a few days this summer.

There’s a few north of Lake George village on 9N.

My family and I go to old forge and camp ( in a cabin) they also have tent sites available. And a pluses is that you get to go to water safari. Maybe I’m a big kid bit its still really fun.

Garnet Lake in the Adirondacks has camp sites right on the lake, went there a few yrs ago and they were all free tent sites with parking right there.

As far as hiking and such I usually do day hikes in the Catskills and Greens (Slowly trying to get all the 3500’ Catskill peaks)

I usually do one or two trips a year where I camp and hike, but usually head up to NH. Its about 4.5 hours away but I usually camp at the Dolly Copp Campground right near Mount Washington in the summer, if its still spring and I’m doing some backcountry skiing I usually camp at Barnes Field since Dolly Copp isn’t open yet.

If you ever feel like doing a day hike and need ideas on where to go, and don’t mind my mutt tagging along hit me up some time.

Have you ever hiked Rattlesnake Mountain or Rattlesnake Ridge or whatever it’s called just north of Bolton Landing? It’s supposed to have an awesome view of the lake, trail head is just off 9N. I’ve always wanted to go up there but it’s called rattlesnake for a reason.

EDIT: It’s called Black Mountain.

Heard of it but never hiked it for that reason haha. Looks awesome though.

It’s almost worth the rattlesnake bite lol. I don’t dare do it alone because my retarded ass would get bit and I’d die in the trail.

If you feel ballsy enough in the summer we can hold hands the way up and down lol.

Haha I’m game. Worth it for the jaunt on 9N alone.

Fish Creek Pond

You have to be careful with the weather in June/July up there, some insane storms have been known to blow through with derechos and even tornadoes. When I’m there and it’s storming I always go in my car because the last thing anyone needs is to be out on the water or in a tent under one of those massive trees with 80mph straight line winds.

sounds good to me dude, thanks for the info. unfortunately i have to go to baltimore for work and i might be there for up to 4 months, im hoping that im not there that long because i’ve been wanting to go camping for the past 3 years and never find the time to go.

Yeah let me know. I usually hike right up til the snow flies.


Good thing I watch Dual Survival for epic survival techniques. :rofl

I was walking in the pine bush yesterday with the dog my son and my girlfriend, when she came across a small garter snake sunning in the trail. She didnt see it and startled it so it slithered off. She is terrified of snakes, I didn’t know she could jump so high and run so fast haha.