Canada quarantine plan

Any of you been to Canada for a day trip since the border opened up? Was thinking of going over Friday and started checking out the ArriveCAN app but wasn’t sure what to put for my “14 day quarantine” plan. Can I just be like “I have a credit card with a huge limit and I’ll stay in a hotel if I have to”. The whole thing is retarded because we’re going for the day and won’t be taking any tests, so we’ll be home long before any potential covid exposure could result in a positive result.

I think you have to put a hotel with an address. So even though you won’t technically every be staying there, you have to pick a place and make sure they have rooms open.

Yeah, that’s my plan right now, was just wondering if anyone had done and if customs was fine with it.

unfortunately i cannot help at all with this.

Oh come man, I’ll just put your address/phone down. :wink:


I wonder how it works with flying out of toronto…going to vegas next month out of toronto.

You still have to file the plan. Can’t cross the border at all without filling out the ArriveCan app and there’s no way around filling out the 14 day quarantine plan.

Thanks. That’s so dumb.

It’s beyond dumb when you’re going for the day by car. What’s my plan if I come down with covid? Well, first off, by the time I know I’ve come down with covid I’ll already be home. But even if I somehow found out I had covid while I was still in Canada my plan would be to drive home in the same personal vehicle I arrived in. They really need to break the the 14 day thing out between people arriving via public transit and staying multiple days vs the people arriving via private transportation that will be long gone before any covid exposure they might have could be diagnosed.

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I’ve been twice. It’s absolutely silly.

Just put down a hotel where you wouldn’t mind staying should they force you into quarantine.

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