Canadian Exporting - Used Cars & Trucks

Hey gents,

I’m now OMVIC Licensed and working on project management and wholesale for my cousin’s auto group; Peninsula Automotive Sales & Leasing. This is in addition to my role with various other companies ( Canadian Hail Repair & [B]AutoDentist[/B]) and the forums and the parts stuff…

We operate a number of new car dealerships in Ontario:

I have access to all new and used inventories for locates etc. You can check these links for access to inventories: ///

One of the major projects i am working on is building out the US dealer network for wholesale. Back when the dollar was like it is now my partners were using auctions exclusively and never in WNY.

We are capable of US titling, re-speedo, and delivery to certain markets. One of the partners in the group owned Niagara Speedometer back 10 years ago and was doing the speedo’s for alot of US dealers.

For individuals if you want to do a trade in or financing i will refer you to a US retail partner. I’ll update that in a bit.

The core of the wholesale business is ex-daily rental. We are heavily connected through large CDN rental fleets and pull their units right out of fleet before they go for sale. We are the largest buyer of rental cars with some companies and the pricing will reflect that.

Hey gents,

copying this thread over from SON and updating it a bit for your interests.

10,000.00 CAD = 8,033.22 USD
Canadian Dollar ↔ US Dollar
1 CAD = 0.803322 USD 1 USD = 1.24483 CAD
Mid-market rates: 2015-02-18 15:47 UTC

That’s a good savings :tup:

Bank of Canada says they are going to lower our interest rates again in March which should pop the CDN dollar down again. In general our economy sucks which is great for you guys :slight_smile: