US/CAN $$ Exchange - Let's take advantage somehow

yo, for real.

$1 US is now $1.40 CDN… and this will probably last a full year or so depending on the price of oil.

moreover, i basically have 5 months off right now and am pretty bored just doing my car parts thing and a few side projects.

any of you dudes wanna get something going?

vehicles are pretty easy, watches are also pretty easy since i’m in tune with those markets but there are lots of other huge opportunities for US buyers… all you need is some $ and a savvy Canadian connection to procure what you want.

sales tax is 13% in ontario but i am also in Alberta every month or so and the sales tax is only 5% out there… plus the market is FUCKED right now… tons of lay offs, prices of EVERYTHING is going down. My cousin is buying oddball trucks (Ford Raptors et al) from private owners and making $15k - $25k per unit right now just bringing them back to Ontario or flipping them in the US.

this exchange situation hasnt been this much in US favor in like 10 years… there are big moves to be made here

what’s up?

I might be up for a discussion, but it will depend on if I can land this set of HRE wheels in Toronto for the right price :slight_smile:

I was looking at used car pricing and did not see any price savings buying in Canada?

I’ve been looking at motorcycles up there, but so far nothing great.


im in if you can find something worth doing

when i was looking for a watch and a car i kept checking your strange version of craigslist and i wasnt impressed with the “deals”

craiglist doesnt have any traction up here, you have to use kijiji which is far superior to craigslist in every way. kijiji is owned by e bay which also has (or had) a major stake in craigslist.

had a pm about real estate… yeah, your dollar is incredible but our property is quite a bit more expensive than WNY.

With that being said, i do follow real estate and can say that Niagara is a long term buy and cash flow… no quick flips there, economy sucks and the major transit from toronto is irregular so you cant commute.

Hamilton is where i live and it is the 3rd hottest market and the most realistic in Canada. Hamilton is appreciating for more sustainable reasons than Toronto or Vancouver which are just fucking crazy right now. major transit already in process downtown and various neighbourhoods are popping.

There are a lot of good opportunities in Hamilton but unlike WNY, you cannot get in to anything reasonable for under $250k. That is only $175k usd though.

I think most of the Canadian dealers for classics/exotics have adjusted their pricing for the difference in the exchange, so no deals there. Private party is probably the way to get a deal. How is your cousin dealing with the odometer change when reselling in the us?

How much is he picking up Raptors for? They’ve held their value tremendously here in the states.
My driveway could always use another for the right price.

I don’t know the raptor market but you can get guys to settle under $45k cdn which is in the mid 30’s usd if they are upside down.
@POOPRA they have not adjusted the price. Exotics are way way cheaper in Canada right now. I have looked. Cdn dealers will actively try to export to US market but cdn buyers for cdn marker vehicles will not have to adjust… they just won’t bw able to negotiate because the US buyers will already be up here.

As for tech swaps… there are common processes in place for this and businesses who specialize in it.

I’ve been looking a little on kijiji. seems like you can get a large karat engagement ring from the GTA really cheap from a private seller as long as you can get a cert with it (if anyone’s in the market.) Snow tires and such seemed cheap but no real money making opportunity there. I live 10 blocks for the border and would be open to some kind of idea but no real sure thing ideas that I can think of off the top of my head.

I think I’m going to pick something up the week after Christmas from canada

Any idea what taxes we would be liable for if bought at a Canadian dealership?

As far as I know you can’t buy new. I tried doing that before, you can buy used. I think you have to pay the tax at the dealer and collect it back at the boarder. At least that is what I had to do on some new car parts I got in Canada.

Cars don’t look like a good deal, just searched a bunch on kijiji and don’t see anything worth the hassle.

yeah you cant buy new, just used… 13% hst. and then you have to export it and pay whatever at the US border… @XwalkerX could probably advise on that… or @Minglor

If I buy used from a private party, I don’t pay HST tax correct?

Also, if the vehicle is manufactured in the US or Canada you do not pay duty coming a cross the border. However, you need a letter from the manufacturer that states it complies with US EPA and safety or something. I imported a car years ago, wasn’t too bad. Vehicles not manufactured in the US or Canada I think its a 2.5% import fee, but it is considerably more on Trucks.

Look harder. There is a dealer with 2 of the new Norton Commando’s for $20K a piece Canadian. They do $20K us all day long.

Ive been browsing for 2013-2014 fx4 and have scene a couple local dealers have one or 2 from Canada.

I meant 60 year old motorcycles.

I have been keeping an eye on land up there. The exchange rate, still decent rates in the US for loans, and the crashing economy it could be a good shot to hold some land.