US/CAN $$ Exchange - Let's take advantage somehow


is this a bike or a Ford F150?

as for interest rates, they can be had for as low as 1.84% for qualified buyers in Canada :slight_smile:


Yeah Ford F-150’s


I was looking at used at a dealer, great deal with the exchange rate. If I have to pay 13% tax, import fee, odo change $, then the hassle is not worth the deal.


There is that annual bike show in Toronto. I want to say it is in January/Feb. I went a few times and it was mostly all Harley stuff. Might be worth checking out. I believe it was at Exhibition place, near the airport from what I remember.

Guess my memory isn’t that great. Here is a link


I follow vipers, vettes, camaros, trams ams, and audi R8s pretty closely and I didn’t see any real deals. Mayne a few deals but nothing I could see in those cars. Maybe Dimonds and watches? I don’t know those markets.


my cousin owns 2 Ford stores… let me know when you’re ready.

try alberta private sales on kijiji… when you have the cash ready you can get great deals out there. it’s about $1,500 to transport back to Southern Ontario.


What’s the deal with speedometers and odometers to convert?


go on ebay and buy a US one. I’ll check Alberta


You could call a speedo company over here or just arrange it with your local dealer… they are all doing this right now… or maybe you’ll have to use a cdn dealer to get it done before it goes over…

Whatever, it’s common practice, just get a bill and use your visa :slight_smile:

I wanna do something that makes money here boys… not just help you save a couple grand on a truck.


I’m all for making some money as well, plus save on another truck…lol
So I looked today and saw 3 supercharged Raptor’s (Whipple/Roush/etc) for mid 50’s cdn which should equate to low 40’s usd if they are looking to unload them? If so, i know 5+ people across US looking for identical trucks ready to pay over 60k. Has the exchange rate affected the industry/economy that much…no i don’t follow cdn economy. If so there is much money to be made.



Do these people have cash in hand? Willing to put a non-refundable deposit down?

I would buy one or 2 cash and sell it for a quick $20k - 40k + if this is a real opportunity.


Yes, said person has cash in hand if this is realistic. I can’t see all 3 being upside down in their loans but if currency alone is driving this, looks like I have some phone calls to make in the morning.


Alberta is critical, the economy is tied to oil and oil is going to be down all year. 18,000 lay offs last month.

very few buyers, lots of sellers. Lots of reasons for it and yes there are many opportunities.

I have a large shop and plenty of storage space in Calgary… i am not connected into any Ford dealers in alberta though.

ford Raptors are just the ones that i know of that are an opportunity right now.

basically every single good 1-2 year old used truck is leaving Canada and going into the US right now.

many dealers are putting their new inventory on short term lease so that they hit the 12,000km limit and 6 months just so that they can flip them into the US and make $5k more than selling them locally. I had an hour long chat with a very large GM dealer principal last week that did this with over 20 GM/Cadillac units this year and more to come.


I’m doing some looking in Alberta :tup:


Well fuck, the dream is dead. Long story short there are a few hurtles that are not impossible, but ultimately the killer for me is that the vehicle I was looking to buy wouldn’t retain it’s warranty in the US.

I did just make a small purchase at Ikea though that worked out well. The exchange made the lamp I bought only $23 USD when it sells on US for $35 USD :tup:


So we are going in to the lamp business!


lol hey I’m going back up for more stuff soon! Exchange hit 1.4103 today :tup:


My wife bought shoes that came to $244 CDN ~$175 USD after tax, apparently they are $240 plus tax in the us, she was so proud. I am sure I will be donating them to goodwill next year…


It’s not like this is a historically high exchange rate. The US dollar is typically worth more than the Canadian dollar…


I was surprised at Ikea. I recently bought Jr. a new bedroom set from the one in Hamilton. The items were cheaper if bought in Canada over the US on a numbers only basis. Factor in the exchange rate and it was much cheaper. Plus I went to some taco place in Burlington that had the best fish tacos this side of the west coast. It was a Mexican place with Indian employees. Spotless and fantastic food! Burrito Masters 480 Brant Street Burlington ON.