US/CAN $$ Exchange - Let's take advantage somehow


^ same deal, Bought some Ikea junk that was $209 in us and only $184 in Canada, add in the exchange and it makes it worth the 1 hour drive to Burlington.


Many Canadian goods were priced with closer to a 1.10 exchange rate pegged so the relative prices are much lower at the moment.


any idea where to look if I were looking to buy a cottage in the Kingston area?


I casually looked in the Muskoka area. @bing hates the idea of cottage rental property though :slight_smile:

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“Canadian dollar will drop to 59 cents US in 2016, Macquarie forecasts”


i may have to take a trip to Toronto when it does…


I’m going to Ikea again today :tup:


We spent this past w/e in Toronto…familiar tune here…


Cars and luxury goods are starting to get appealing.


im still down to pick up a deep sea if the numbers make sense


I wonder how bad this is going to hurt our local economy with the loss of revenue from Canadian spending.


So an update on this, I was initially told the wrong info by the dealership. The manufacturer clarified for me that the warranty follows the vehicle anywhere in North America. Doesn’t give me too much confidence that anyone really knows what they’re talking about, lol.

It’s interesting to look at vehicle values in Canada. The one I’ve been watching has dropped on paper quite a bit, but the dealer actually increased the asking price.

Ultimately I’m willing to jump through the hoops but only if things make sense.

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I can give you a first-hand knowledge that the retail markets I’m in are way down from when CAD was at par or better. But it’s a cycle that will come back at some point.


90% of the lost revenue won’t matter because its at retail places like Target, Walmart, Mall etc. probably not going have an economic impact to the region.

I think places like Ellicottville will take a hit and real estate prices may drop a bit, since it has become heavily populated with Canadians, but this is a good thing from my perspective.


Everyone pays 4.75% to the county, so any revenue loss is going to have a local impact.


There was definitely a significant difference with the number of Canadians at the malls it seemed. Canadian dollar keeps weakening. I will love to see a 1:1.50 again


if you guys havent made any moves by 1.43 i don’t believe that you will at 1.48 or 1.53… you’re all going to let this pass you by :slight_smile:

there is no more inventory for good used cars up here now… everything is already going south. dealers are short-term leasing their inventory to get it up to 6 months / 12,000 kms just so that they can export it and make $5k more than they would selling it locally. FYI, dodge / chrsyler do not carry warranty over into the US… but Ford and GM do.

i’m working on a couple deals right now to export hail damage repaired units from Alberta but nothing will come back here… it’ll all go south through Montana.

i wish i was sitting on tons of USD… going to be such an opportunity in the next 6 months that most of you are going to let totally pass you by :slight_smile:



13k USD is not what i call the numbers making sense


Is this the same?


Significantly older (and different model) 16610 Submariner.