US/CAN $$ Exchange - Let's take advantage somehow


I know nothing of watches, what makes a Rollie worth more or less money?


its hard to really say but i can tell you that other than the entry models (date just, air king, explorer) and the precious metals (gold and platinum) all of the mid-range stuff holds its value extremely well. the aforementioned also hold their value but they do experience some depreciation right off the bat. however, once they have taken their initial hit they pretty much stay steady over time… unlike a car.

second hand, clean, steel daytonas can fetch more than msrp… an AD i was talking to says they may only get 3-4 steel daytonas in all of 2016 despite their orders.

recent subs and GMT’s are going up right now. My GMT has gone up a bit and with the exchange i am very tempted to sell just so that i can say i made 60% profit on a watch flip in less than 2 years.


Whoops, just saw this. I have a dealer’s license and ~$70k of buying power available. I prefer relatively late model used vehicles since they need less in repairs.

Real estate I’m locked up as I just bought a 16k sq ft warehouse/apartments/retail, but once it’s developed in a year I’ll be back in that game.

Can do cars for now though


lemme know what you’re looking for. i’ll help connect you any way i can.


What does it cost to move the car to the US? I would be interested, but the border process has me apprehensive about the whole thing.


@Minglor or @XwalkerX could tell you that.

i havent done it that way, i’ve only imported. i’m going ot try my hand at exporting in the near future though.

US dealers are importing CDN market cars at record levels right now:


This. There have been a few z06’s that I was interested in but I don’t want surprises during import.


It looked pretty simple from my limited research when looking for old shitty british bikes. I imagine it gets more involved when you need to swap the clusters over the MPH. Duty is only 2.5% for cars.


It looks like if the car is Canadian made its duty free


CA/MX manufacturerd products can be deemed duty-free if you provide a NAFTA/Certificate of Origin.

Which wouldn’t fly anyways as you have to apply and submit for the certificate to the Canadian goverment…wouldn’t be worth the hassle for a one-time 2-3% thing.


Believe you need a letter from the manufacturer stating the specific vehicle complies with all us safety standards too.


most of the cars you guys are talking about were made in the US and imported into Canada from the US anyways.


F-bodies were built in Canada!


How is the Syrup trade?


Looking for vehicles in Ontario doesn’t seem worth it unless you’re going to spend a significant amount. Since the tax is 13% and asking prices seem to be higher what they’re valued from what I can tell, any exchange advantage will be eaten up.

My Alberta purchase would have gone like this:

5% tax paid to Alberta (no way around it, no way to get it back)
2.5% duty, minus $800 paid in USD at the boarder (vehicle was not made in CAN or MEX so no way around this)
Manufacturer proof that the vehicle is “similar” to vehicles sold in the US for safety, etc. (easy, talked to the manufacturer and they said the dealership could provide this)
$3,700 gas guzzler tax (since the vehicle gets under 22.5mpg, but this is based on the vehicles combined MPG: )
8.75% Erie County NY tax
Registration / Title Fee for Erie County NY

I might be missing something since this is off the top of my head, but even with all this it saved money.

On a smaller scale, I’m going to buy a tablet in Canada this weekend and the savings should be about $90 :tup:


^ was that on a new car?

How should you pay for a vehicle to get the best exchange?


Rate is moving again, but to the advantage of CAD. Hopefully it shifts back because I’m “losing” money waiting for this weekend to buy my tablet, lol.

Used from a dealership. I haven’t looked into new, I’m not sure you can even do new.

Depends on what the dealership will accept really. I didn’t get to that point but I could have had a check drawn from my bank in whichever currency they preferred.


do you have to pay the 5% tax when buying in ontario?


the 5% is 13% in Ontario… it’s HST

transporting cars back to Ontario from alberta is $1,500 - $2,000 and the market out there is softer.


Overall I figure I’ve benefited about $1k so far due to the exchange. However I’m in Canada more than most.