US/CAN $$ Exchange - Let's take advantage somehow


for guys looking to import here is a good guide from a guy who just did it… Ontario to Cali:

he owned the car up here so it doesnt factor the taxes really but the process should be similar.

Also, my buddy has a 4LT vette with a couple bolt-ons he would sell for anything over $32k USD. I was just with him today and he was talking about it. car is silver / auto.


what year and miles?


2009, 4LT, F55 pack, NPP, bose etc. 62,000 km’s

It has headers, intake and tune. Car was originally from Tennessee. Mileage is digital, doesn’t need to be reclustered.

i dont know what any of those acronyms mean btw :slight_smile:

also, if the dollar hits 1.5 i will be selling my Rolex GMT II Coke AND Omega Speedmaster…


shit ad but you never know


id do 9k cad but only if i had someone like you who was close to inspect it but that ad doesn’t really instill confidence as a potential buyer


could be better than way man… if you get in touch with the guy and do the deal i can look at it in person next time i am in Calgary but i dont have the tools to take the back case off. best i can do is match the serial on the case to the paperwork


not looking to make a killing, but as my integra is somewhat rotting away…still drives fine, but the body has seen better days, i was looking to get another one…which are much cheaper in Canada (<$1000)
what kind of shit would i need to go up and drive that back? im sure a bunch of forms etc.

or is it not worth the hassle?

thanks in advance


With a personal sale you’re not paying 13% HST (Ontario’s tax)

There is a link in this thread to the CBP page on what you’ll need. And quick searches on Google should show plenty of examples of how people have done this. It’s common for people to move down to the states for work and they bring their cars.

Exchange dipped to 1.39 earlier today. Looks like after last Friday’s correction things are leveling off.


nah they still make you pay the 13% up here on personal sales now… maybe not to a US buyer, but person to person up here the tax is still applied.

you get around this by getting the ‘vehicle owners package’ or something like that from the ministry of transport. that package has the wholesale value of the car which is likely $0 - $300. You make your bill of sale for the lowest possible value and pay tax on that.

i sold my last s13 for $11,000 and it has a $0 wholesale value…


Who would he pay the tax to? You’re saying he’d have to go & give money to the Gov’mnt first before buying the car from the guy?


yeah there is no way a US buyer would be paying HST


I sort of stopped looking at cars because of the 13% tax, who is making you pay the 13% HST when doing a private party transaction.


Were you looking private party or from a dealer?


private party only


I’m 95% sure that you don’t need to pay the 13% HST with a private party sale since you’re not Canadian. Like what @XwalkerX said.

I did a quick search and can’t find anywhere that says this. You might pay duty crossing the border and you for sure pay tax in the state / county that you’re titling the car in, but not Ontario’s tax.

If you were buying from a dealership I could see you paying.


Yeah I cant see paying HST on a private sale.


yeah it’s when you go to switch it into your name and the ministry of transportation (DMV)

i guess if you never do that and just export it you probably dont have to do that.

either way, for a $1000 car there are lots of loopholes and few people paying much attention.


Read this

What everyone usually asks

Dutiable Entry
Foreign-made vehicles imported into the U.S., whether new or used, either for personal use or for sale, are generally dutiable at the following rates:

Auto 2.5%

Trucks 25%

Motorcycles either free or 2.4%

Duty rates are based on price paid or payable. Most Canadian-made vehicles are duty-free.

Call a local port of entry.


So if we are buying american muscle we are not subject to the 2.5% right?


I had to ask what “trucks” refers to and it does NOT include SUVs.

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Correct, however there is the gas guzzler tax.