Canon Rebel T1i First Use

Just practicing with the T1i and Sony Vegas. This is my first time taking a video with the camera and my first time using Sony Vegas editing software.

I didn’t put much effort into this but I think it came out OK for the amount of time invested. I did this while I was doing a valve check and had the tank and valve cover pulled… in my dark ass garage. haha.

Time to get to work on some real videos now… something with a little more action to them. :wink: It’s been a while and technology has come a ways since I have done any sort of video editing. The last time I did anything a few years ago I was using my old Sony Hi8 Camcorder (which took TAPES), a converter box to get the analog into digital on my PC, and Pinnacle Studio. :lol

You got the T1i!? I HATE YOU!

Damn you’re lucky.

Awesome vid man.

Yes sir.

It’s just begging for a lens.

One day I’ll have it…one day…

The picture and video quality blows me away with this thing. It has virtually the same lens as my XTi but it takes much clearer and crisper pictures. It also has more MP, something like 15 compared to the XTi’s 10.

Looks good. Now actually come out and put that thing to use!

That’s the plan, sir. :slight_smile:

Id love to get some real nice pics/videos of my car in action! lemme know if ya ever wanna practice

Lets get some CP to pose on it or something… haha

I keeps ma CP locked up! :lmao