Car Insurance

how does the insurance work in Alberta?

I’m paying $205/monthly for my 93 240sx.

You pay that much for gov’t insurance? What coverage do you have?

I pay about 100 a month for collision and everything pretty much, and when I lived in Manitoba I paid maybe $50 a month for their public insurance with the same coverage.

The problem with ICBC is that they start you with a flat rate, which is great when you’re young. Every year you go without having an at fault claim or a ticket, you get 10% off your insurance premium…also cool. After 4 years however, your rate reduction is capped and can go no lower - whereas here, if you maintain your good driving record your premiums should consistently get lower because you are a lower risk driver.

Although for manitoba, don’t total your car. They will violate you in the process. My parents had a Micra that got hit by a truck and got jack for it.

They were more than fair with me when I was in an accident.

Everyone complains about ICBC and writeoffs, but when one of their members did frame damage to my 86 Caprice, they did the inspection, writeoff paperwork, and cut a check within 6 working days. Not too shabby! :smiley:

alberta insurance is highway robbery.
i just moved here from BC and as i am full time student and have my permenant residence in victoria BC i was able to insure myslef through ICBC :slight_smile: cheaspest place to insure my NX2k wanted 3600 bucks collision 500 detucable and 2 mil liability.

BC for alberta 2200 bucks gets me 3 mil 300 dollar deductable glass coverage.

Unfortunately a Micra might have only been worth jack.

Don’t complain about Alberta Insurance. I am 18 with my first car and for 2 million liability, no deductable comprehensive and no collision i pay 87 dollars per month( 1045 Per Year). Granted if i want collision it would be 220 Per month (2640 per year) but my insurance company would only give me 1500 in the case of a write off. Which i think is shit all for a car i bought for 7 grand and almost have another 7 into. I think it is time for a apprasial at the end of this summer.

I pay $140 a month and that’s just for very basic coverage. I’m not sure what I have exactly.

458/month for everything possible

any1 know about insurance costs for rhd vehicles?