Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall [Next Date: Oct 21st]


Not for the first event, I have a feeling it will be very big so I’m going to keep parking as it has been to make it easier. Exotics up front, everything else is open. C&C events get their character from showing up and not knowing what you will park next to. The more I thought about arranging rows of cars by brand, etc the more it felt like a regular car show.

Also, the organized parking in my mind was to eliminate some of the not quite as quality cars. This year, I’m just going to turn them away at the gate and call it a day, I can’t be worried about hurting feelings because I will never be able to make everyone happy.






Thanks dudes!! Dad is bringing the ol’ vette and maybe ill bring the miata !

See ya tomorrow

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You should have have kept the Cabby. It’s cooler but less welcome than the Miata.


Looking like I may not make this one now…depends on if my electrician is avail. or not in the AM…


Definitely not cooler than the Miata.

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I got my pile cleaned up. Hoping I can make the cut haha


See everyone there!


What a great turnout and nice weather. Can’t wait till the next


:tup: as always

Love this event


:bigtup: Nice job again Matt.


Huge turnout. Best one I’ve been to thus far. Keep up the good work MNY.




Excellent turnout, great job @Mr_New_York


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I didn’t take any pics except for one to try and get an overview. It’s shitty, but you get the idea:


Saw the mythical unicorn…no Josh though.


Good times!

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Some really nice cars. Good time!


x2^ Great job man. Thanks for all of your efforts.


Had fun, as usual. Great job Matt!