Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall (NOT run by Matt)

EDIT: Here is the location for the C&C meets that have shown up later in the thread. Dates will be updated when known.

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Orchard Fresh Plaza:4050 N Buffalo Road, Orchard Park, New York. Minutes from the 219 / South Western Blvd



I did a forum search and didn’t see anything current. I really do hope that there is something comparable in the Buffalo area.

Here in Metro Detroit there are a couple of Cars and Coffee meets and they are usually one of my favorite things to do with my son as these are usually more laid back. Here’s a link to one of the events There is also another weekly C&C at Pastieners on Woodward that always has unique cars.

@joelster @Pauly do either of you know if people still meet up for this?

It’s funny, I was just talking to a few NYSpeeders the other day about how there’s no more Mighty, Southgate, etc.

They still do bubble tea meets in the summer.

Well yeah, and those are fine and dandy, but nothing like it was years before.

Most of the time I don’t want to stand in a parking lot anyways, especially at night. Cars and Coffee are fun because it gives me an excuse to wake up early and enjoy the nice weather that day.

If you want to stand in parking lots and street race every night 716 racing crew did it all last summer.

I’m sure that this guy isn’t going to take his son to a 716 racing meet…lol.

On the same token I wouldn’t bring kids to the old bubble tea/mighty meets back in the day.

On topic Buffalo has a ton of car shows and cruise nights :tup:

We still cruising next week? :lol:

I’d be in for these if it happens.

I saw a muscle head, I mean muscle car meet in front of Texas Roadhouse off 425 @ the 290 when we stopped there for dinner once last summer. Looked like it was a regular thing.

This was pretty much all American muscle though. Lots of old dudes, mullets and zz top beards. Don’t know of any random car ones that happen in the morning though.

There used to be the panera one on Sheridan before they built the Chipotle. There are other Panera locations. Maybe one of those with a suitable lot could be talked into having it again.

Menopause Mall in OP?

The lot is too small and busy on Saturday or Sunday mornings, with Panera traffic.

Can you tell I don’t drink coffee? I guess mornings would be better than at night. lol

Im sure one could be started…but getting up early in the summer is :tdown:

Having off in the summer is :tup:

Wondering if summer will even happen this year is :tdown:

I’m looking forward to Food Truck Tuesdays :tup:

pretty sure we can make it happened this year


The coffee sucks at The Hatch, but Erie Basin marina could be decent.