Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


New bike is crazy nice Choochie, but I still miss the 550.


Thanks man! I still have it…just in pieces…some pieces that is.


That’s really awesome. Is there a build thread somewhere?

Now I see why you ripped apart the 550.


Thank you sir! There’s information on it posted online I’ll have to dig up. Know it was featured on Return of The Café Racers and also MotoBlog. I’ll be changing a bunch of stuff like new paint, wiring, electronics, etc because clearly I can’t leave anything alone lol.

The 550 is still sitting there! With less fancy parts but I may do a mediocre sweep the floor build just to keep her soul alive.


i think your new bike would look so much cooler with spoked wheels


@XwalkerX agreed^

Get those modern sportbike rims swapped out as your next project. It reminds me a lot of the Ducati sports classic 1000. What a dream bike!


@XwalkerX I’m really over anything CognitoMoto makes (that’s one of his builds). If I swapped wheels I’d look at getting into a Marchessini setup…maybe with a single sided swing arm but who knows. I have a few things to address before I get into that anyway, haha.
@maxwell the fairings are from Airtech for a Ducati…Paul Smart inspired if you will.


QFT. I would much sooner purchase my own CNC milling center than patronize his business again.

Only like, partially joking.


I found it!


Thank you to everyone for a great season, I’ll keep this thread updated for next season with any new announcements or changes.


Are you going to try a November one if the weather holds up?


Thanks for all your efforts! :tup:


Awesome Season for sure.

So much fun to see all of the people and cars out.


Was not me, I had a Chaser and my cars aren’t beat


Unfortunately I wouldn’t be doing another this year; we don’t have the insurance for any other dates or agreement from the mall. Now those in themselves wouldn’t be hard to get, but I don’t think the turn out would warrant another month. We stopped with a good crowd, and can hopefully return next season with another equally good crowd


Gotta be getting close to that time again, any updates @Mr_New_York ?


April is the first month.

Whatever the 3rd Sunday is.



Nice. I’ll be there, why the eff not!

I’d like to bring the Neon one of these days but idk if it’d be allowed in.


Pretty sure you would be better off parking in the regular mall lot and then browsing the cars.