check out my sweet crx

I swear i saw this guy driving his sweet ass crx today

Drunk thread?

haha yes, I think iv’e seen it once aswell.

i thought you were going to post a link to a thread on another forum where he posted it up…

are you talking about the pink one that lives in newmarket? that guy is a queef, i used to work with him at toyota

no the red crx that bings used to post (I think)

lol that thread was jokes.

but seriouly thats a sweet crx…

fuck I googled it for like 5 minutes and got lazy
i was going too, it would have made this thread so much better…

o.g.s know what im talking about


i think he wants you to ban him :smiley:

LOL heat wrap ftw.

YES the one surviving picture!

if you are new, fill yourself in

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thomASS knows


threads started by ‘robb’

‘robb’ is a fucking goof. I remember someone posted all the forums he had posted his car up and there was well over 20 forums listed.

He also got his moderator privlages taken away from crxontario because nobody liked him.

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but i fucking hate crx… eg6 and up only please.

nice story.

looks like the one i saw at the HADA event couple months back.
If its the same one it was pretty nice.

just can’t get over the whole FWD thing…

crxs are pretty sweet if you can find a clean one. Put a newer honda motor in and it’ll get ridiculously good gas milage… be a surprise in a straight line to much more expensive cars… and if setup right… an excellent road racing/track car that’ll put to shame alot of vettes and vipers… no doubt. They are ridiculously basic, raw and lightweight especially the oldest model :slight_smile: If I recall there was a state side crx that was somewhere around 700kg~ (track car)… like wth… madness :smiley:

Just after a while those front tires will start wearing out and getting reaaally hot hehe…

I’ve own a CRX, SOHC turbocharged with shocks and springs.
The vehicle I shit you not, felt and handle like a go kart haha. No P/S is pretty sweet.

Maverick, of course it is FWD, you ever see one in real life? short ass wheel base, don’t want it happening like the aw11 when it rains or snow.