Checking Interest in Rocket Bunny Kits

I have an opportunity to get some molds for both the hatch and coupe versions of the rocket bunny. I want to see how many people would be interested in these kits before I spend the money.

lol, going to buy them off this guy?


yep been in contact with him. He’s has shut down his business. I may make the drive out to check out his moulds. I want to see if there is any interest first

He’s a really stand up guy until he has your money.

did he tell you he has rocket bunny rear overs?

Havent discussed what is all there yet. I was under the impression that the complete kits are there for hatch and coupe. Without wheel arches I believe. I wont be handing any cash over until the product is in my truck lol.

anyways does anyone want a kit made? Or is it a waste of time and money

in interested in a rocket bunny kit for a sil80 with the spoiler

this will be interesting.

lol be right back, making some popcorn…

I have had a few anonymous tips that these kits and moulds that he produced are garbage. So this may be a no go.

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interesting how? Mr.Wong

i bought rear over fenders that were made from that guy, and they aren’t that great of quality. they don’t fit the contour of the body like quality rear overs do, but everything lines up decent once it’s flexed onto the body. they are really flexible though, which is a plus in my books. you could probably bend them in half and they wouldn’t break.

i don’t know if it’s the moulds that are garbage, or if it’s just poor fiberglass work though. so it’s hard to say if the full kits would turn out nice.

If you wanna make me one for free I’ll let you know how they fit.

Cody, it wil be interesting because the guy has ripped off a few people already and other reputable people here who have stuff from the guy say it doesnt fit well.

get police on his ass

still waiting for my 2 full kits, ill go with you cody!!!