Chris Harris Videos (Mclaren P1, etc.)


he posted it up a few hours early… unless there is another one coming tonight.

it’s 28 minutes. I havent watched it yet… have to read the kids some books first… looking forward to this after dinner.







Just watched…mmmmmmmm.


Saw this run on Top Gear the other night. Just… unbelievable.


they did the P1 the other night?

i’ll have to dig that up


Unreal! The sweetest exotic i’ve ever seen. Watching it go into race mode was cool.


It honestly was one of the worst super car reviews they have done. Lots of repeated shots, nothing particularly special about the clips. It felt like they had a VERY limited amount of time with the car. I’ve been really looking forward to CH driving this. Looking forward to watching this in a bit.


oh yeah i saw the review i thought he meant the stig lap vs. 918.

Chris Harris continues to take big messy dumps on Top Gear every time he reviews something they have also done. However, in Top Gear’s defence, their reviews are supposed to be more entertaining than informative and they’re still better than anything any American group is doing… when looking at youtube vids you can pretty much pass on anything done by a US company.


Agreed 100%


Good vid :tup:


x2, just finished it. Was a good watch.


Good vid!

Go check it out at the Canadian International auto show. Seeing it in real life is fantastic…


Chris Harris is the next Jeremy Clarkson. If you grew up watching clarkson in the 90s you’ll get this as he wasn’t always a caricature of himself.

Anyway, On my drive to work today I decided all my turbo cars need “Torque Fill” because only poor people should have to downshift to spool their turbos.


i agree, that hybrid backed torque fill is bound to become standard practice… I hope to see it on the next gen BMW M after this coming generation. Perfect way to get increased performance without boosting the engine size increasing turbo spec and gets better fuel economy.

a nice tight 2.5L twin turbo BMW 6cyl with a 150lbs worth of ‘E-torque fill’ should be able to do 480/400 and 40mpg :slight_smile:


“torque fill” does sound like a great idea to get rid of the lag. But what do you think the price tag is on something like that. Might not be an affordable option for a while till development can keep cost down.


Clarkson may be a bit of a caricature of himself but at least he can drive something fast and not say, “it’s a whole new thing” 20 times in the course of 8 minutes.


Driving that thing to its limits, i’d assume you would just want to drive without fucking up, not contemplate clever things to say about it. He would look like an asshole if he crashed it.


Clarskson would also say it 8 times but they would edit 7 out and have some scripted monologue instead.

Clarkson 1990 > Chris Harris > mike musto (of Drive’s Mig Muscle) >Tiff > VBH > Jason Plato > Jeremy Clarkson Today


Scripted or not, I found Clarkson’s drive far more entertaining to watch than Harris. Harris I wanted to shut the audio off but then I wouldn’t be able to hear the car.

Plus the Top Gear production crew gets some video shots that should come with an R rating they’re so sexy.

Cannot wait for the Stig to compare this to the Porsche.