City kids to join da burb kidz


There’s more incentive for a top performing Indian student to come here to get their PhD in science than for a top performing American to get their PhD in science. I don’t think it has anything to do with preparedness.

Anyway, immigrants have historically built this country and continue to do so. Back to the original topic, does sending your kid to a top school district increase their love of math and science, or will they just chase after whatever makes them the most money?


Immigrants became Americans and MADE this country what it is today, very true.
Will the kids chase money or worse yet will they just do what feels good without thinking of the consequence? A big part of our issue today is the oodles of liberal arts degrees and non-desirable skills the majority paid to be trained in.
My 2 cents anyhow.



Completely agree. All I keep hearing is how shitty teachers, admin, etc are… It all starts with the parents. I was talking to a teacher who works in the buffalo school district today, and she said in the past 3 years, she’s probably only seen 3 parents for parent/teacher conferences because the parents won’t come in. They don’t care about their childs education. Shipping them to a different district isn’t going to change anything. Especially if they don’t have any one at home encouraging them to do well in school.

It’s sad, really.