City kids to join da burb kidz


Anyone watch the news last night? I caught the tale end of it and tried looking online but didnt see an article.

I heard that Buffalo schools are so bad that they are thinking of shipping city kids to the top 5 schools in the area.

Orchard Park

Anyone…a little pissed?

If you can find the article or more info would be great


they’ll NEVER send kids to Orchard Park…that district is already over capacity and has really big overcrowding issues in the schools.


Did you see the interviews with people?

This won’t happen

Someone had a great comment “If I wanted my kids to goto school with kids from the city I would have moved there”

Also how does this even work with taxes? I don’t live in the city I live in a area where my taxes are substantially higher because I choose to live here with a better school district.


I think the downfall of America will be the relentless pursuit of giving everyone a fair chance for success. For some reason no one wants to admit that trying to elevate the bottom only allows for your potential top flight to come back to the pack resulting in mediocrity for all.


You think that is a great comment? I thought that guy was super trash.


exactly what LZ said…the top schools are top schools because the residents live there and pay the taxes so that their kids can get a good education with other well-off pricks.

The idea is wishful thinking at best. basically, they need to build more schools or encourage kids to drop out and enjoy free living in the prison system…either way would be an equal strain on tax-payers.


90 percent of them wouldnt make it anyways and the ones that did probably would be kicked out shortly there after as the schools listed above have a 0 tolerance for BS.


So rather than fixing the system that they ADMIT is broken, ship the kids to a different system and give up?


Someone link an article. I am not very informed to the subject but believe I heard it was due to the belief that there were capicity and teacher to student issues in the city schools so this measure would benefit them for obvious reasons and help some suburban schools reach higher capicity and get more funding.


Lol, all of this.


They did this before lol…

Don’t Buffalo schools actually receive more money per child then the burbs?


The best part is Buffalo spends more per student than Williamsville but somehow they think shipping kids out to the burbs is going to fix it.

Maybe if you ship them when they are born so their parents don’t have a chance to royally fuck them up before the school even gets a shot this would work.




Kids today (not just city, suburb, but wherever) are fucked. This is a lost generation. I teach kids tennis, some from wealthy homes, some from incredibly broken homes, and some are even refugees. I do not find one group really much better off than the next to be honest. I don’t even blame the schools. Most of these problems (or the rare successes) come from the way these kids are raised at home. I firmly believe that.

I mean, I’m a product of the Buffalo Public School System. I think I’m doing just fine.


Half the problem is the people who run the city school system. Before we start shipping kids to different schools, lets work on getting those ass hats out of power.


THIS above all else really, parenting is the crucial difference. You can ship kids to any district you want and call it “free” even though others are picking up the tab…it’s not going to cure shitty parenting.
So what do you all think IS the solution?


you think this generation is bad? what until all the babies from this MTV-glorified “16 and pregnant” generation grow a little older…they will be FAR more fucked. Society as a whole is in real danger of being a lost cause altogether. Imagine these kids you teach tennis being old enough to vote. GOOD LORD


There was a big push to tie teacher performance reviews to the kid’s performance, so how about the same thing with parents? Tax penalties when your kids do poorly, tax incentives when they do well. Instead of throwing more money at schools (which Buffalo proved doesn’t work) throw more money at CPS agents allowing them to check up on kids the schools report as struggling.

Take the current nonsense in Buffalo about needing to feed kids breakfast in the classroom because parents aren’t capable of feeding them at home. Fuck that. This is NYS, home of every bloated social program you can think of. There is no reason for a kid in this state to be going hungry. Actually, there is a reason, and it’s that these shitty parents would rather buy big screen TVs, have cable, iphones, cigarettes and other crap instead of feeding their damn kids. If CPS shows up and finds iphones, flatscreens, cigarettes and empty cupboards when the school reports your kid is hungry and is telling his teachers he never gets breakfast give them the power to seize those luxury items. When they show up a week later for a followup if there’s a new TV and still a hungry kid someone goes to jail.

The government can’t take the role of a good parent but maybe it’s time they start forcing people to step up if they’re going to pop out kids.



You should know that pure brilliant and simple logic will never work in NYS.


Im also in the school of thought that the problem is FUBAR…

A much lesser civilized, educated, and generally humane class is reproducing at much earlier and faster rates than educated people who can take care of themselves and not depend of the governemnt. Youve all offered up what you think the problem is, but what is the solution? The solution is we need an entire culture change for a few classes of citizens, we need a politician to take the leap and admit we have huge problems with racial demographics (which wont happen because it would be political suicide), and we need to have people stop doing things they cant afford (ie 10 kids).

But the problem is too far gone, especially in this state and as I said, that problem is reproducing those same fuckups at a much quicker rate than the educated class can keep up with.