City kids to join da burb kidz


Data does not support all of your claim. I do agree that certain racial and class issues need to be addressed but won’t be.


I think the points I was leaning on were:

Race and Ethnicity: White women made up 53% of mothers of newborns in 2008, down from 65% in 1990. The share of births to Hispanic women has grown dramatically, to one-in-four.

Another notable change during this period was the rise in births to unmarried women. In 2008, a record 41% of births in the United States were to unmarried women, up from 28% in 1990. The share of births that are non-marital is highest for black women (72%), followed by Hispanics (53%), whites (29%)

Granted those are just racial points and not socioeconomic statistics, im sure some parallel data will support what im saying.


I have got one word for you… private school. You would see private school sizes triple in places like EA, OP and Williamsville. lol


This is really going to screw up lunch time for the suburban kids… Now they will have to segregate more than one table in the corner.


This happened in Cleveland in the mid '70s.




Parenting is the key to all pre-university schooling. Kids don’t need to have schools to learn. I spent countless hours on homework with my parents. If it was wrong, I wasn’t afraid of my teacher, I was afraid of my parents.


Old news… but not far out from your suburban immunity.


Well hey, getting away from neighborhood schools really worked for the bps last time lol. What could go wrong?


This sounds like a real-life Chappelle’s Show skit. Only in Buffalo lol


+1 to this…


According to Channel 4, Ken-ton said no to taking on the Buffalo transfer kids.



Parents are too busy now or don’t care, then they blame the teachers. It can’t be their fault they have no idea what their kids are doing, or if their kids are making it to school at all. The race card is a shitty card to pull here, it’s irrelevant if the student wants to learn and the parents take concern with how their kids are doing in school.


There are too many people in a position of power with children/neices/nephews/grandchildren in Clarence/Williamsville schools for this to ever fly. I don’t even have kids in the school district and I’d be livid.

Not to mention the ramifications from allowing these kids in (ie - lower school ratings, lower graduation rates, etc)


Talking to some neighbors the jimmies have definitely been rustled in the burbs. There’s about as much chance of a new peace bridge being built by the time school starts as this happening in the Williamsville district.


I thought this was entertaining…

The Mayor found $400,000 for the music programs yet most of the kids won’t graduate.

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I honestly don’t give a shit about Williamsville or have any implementation into any form of community projects or issues. I couldn’t even tell you who our town officials are…however I’d be the first one in line at the town hall meeting. :rofl:


This is still a dumb idea.

Just wanted to point that out again.



seriously.People need to learn or accept that there are consequences for action, as well as inaction.


See what I said about rustling the jimmies? This even brought Nikuk back to NYSpeed. The burbs are ready to riot. :slight_smile: