Cleaning up the Hawk

Did a little cleaning before I took it around the block last weekend.

Props to Jeeves for the coo pic

hows the tune going?

hot hot hoTT!! very nice car, my friend has a 94 hawk, real nice ride but i prefer the ls1s, love how teh scoops are just one big oval scoop :tup:

how fast are you expecting to be on the procharger?

underhood pics :slight_smile:

yea yea, ive heard/saw… :tup: projects

Who said anything about procharger, chuck wanted a show car, so the entire block and cylinder heads were polished to a mirror finish. The underhood is pretty bling. rwhp should be in the 300-320 range for the stock LS1

he had the hood popped @ taffys.

Probably another blue firehawk

with a guy that looks just like the guy in the background driving it? Hanging out with a guy who drives a black f-body… and looks a lot like jeeves?


I said he had the hood popped… I didn’t say what I saw.


it had a rough idle, like when I ran a supercharger…



nice pic though

Still got a lot to do with tuning.

Underhood pics = patience grasshoppa :wiggle:

BTW - the custom sticker on the box looked much better on the car and in person :tup:

^ Thx

mean. just pissed off looking. I love it. :tup:

nice ride

like I said before Chuck, I can’t wait to see it in action. Nice to see another project finished and on the street :tup:

Just a few more to go…

Looks real nice. cant wait to see it in person.

nice chuck!

Not bad for the best looking car ever