Cobalt head unit prob

When its around freezing temp outside the FM stations on the radio wont work the stations come in real fuzzy. Once the car is been running for a wile “stop and go” the stations then go back to normal. Its a 2000 Chevy cobalt coupe. Do you guys have any idea of what it could be, I thought since theres a couple guys with cobalts on here, Maby you can help

its a 2000 then its a caviqueer. is this the oem head unit or aftermarket. is the antenna plugged in. maybe the radio is fucked

check the antenna to make sure its plugged in
check grounds too

does this happen when you’re playing a cd?

its not mine idk its a oem head unit and the antenna is plugged in…

does not happen with cd in

then the factory head unit is prolly shitting the bed or the exterior antenna is broken off my work van didnt have a antenna and it would get stations after the vehicle was warmed up

antenna problem

stick an aftermarket head unit in there and see if it still happens