Concerts Thread


LOL. That’s actually a great idea. I’ve been reading over the setlists, and I’m not blown away by the first hour of music. 2nd and 3rd sets are fantastic though.


had vip tickets to 91x-fest here. spent the day getting free food and drink while bands i cared less about played…then DFA1979 and pennywise came on :tup:

this ginger sums things up for the palma violets


I was at the same show. Loved it.

Clutch isn’t all that bad, though I don’t think I’d go see them live…

July 16th The Tea Party will be playing Artpark with Big Wreck. Show starts at 6PM.


3 days grace coming up, and edc Vegas :smiley:


I’d LOVE to see The Cult. And I think if I was within 500 miles of Meg Myers I would be arrested for rape!


Gets better every year. Can’t wait for next!






LoL Nice.


EDC Vegas is on the Todo list.

Got my tickets for TomorrowWorld in Atlanta already, so that’s my big concert this year.


I wouldn’t mind checking that out either^^ I was just looking at their site.


Uncle acid is touring again, just grabbed my tickets. I think the closest to you guys is Toronto or Pittsburgh


I went last year and it was great. Well worth the cost, but if you decide to purchase tickets second hand, be careful. they have some funny policies with that. I almost got bit last year because of it.


Slipknot tonight


going to see deftones and incubus this sunday, 19 year old me would be super amped, 31 year old me is kind of excited (mainly to hang out with friends and drink beer haha)

TITLE FIGHT at waiting room this fall along with defeater!!! different nights but im super excited for bothi

feel like im forgetting some.


Im going too


I have seen a lot of great concerts this year so far…Pumpkins, Ataris, Bosstones, Fuel, Everclear…


Sage Francis coming in October so fucking happy to see Uncle Sage!


Life in Color tomorrow, stoked.


at the tralf:

Saturday October 3
ESI Events Presents
Performing The Music of GENESIS

Friday November 13
ESI Events Presents
Celebrating The Music of
Emerson Lake Of Palmer