Concerts Thread




I’ll bring the jimmy caps they just have to bring the handicap porter johns.


I am pretty excited for Digital Dreams in TO again. Echo Beach is one of my favorite venues in the summer.


I don’t know if I’ll make it, I go to EDC Vegas every year since it started and DD is always the weekend after -_-


Nice. I usually try to do one local and another east coast.

Spring Awakening is always fun. Electric Zoo is nice over labor day in NYC. I really want to hit up Ultra but I feel like I missed that with how crazy it has gotten.


I’ve been to all of them but I must say Vegas is the best because it takes place ONLY at night, love that 7PM to 7AM time frame. Can’t get a light show at 1PM.


That is true.


Couple Extreme Metal Shows coming to Broadway Joe’s

Psycroptic in July

Origin, Aeon, Ingested (others) October 2nd…This show will be batshit crazy



Mainstream music doesn’t necessarily have to be uncool, it’s the radio stations that suck. When you cycle through a total of 5 songs every day until a new single comes out, it drives me nuts. I, as well as some other members are in the camp of “If it sounds good listen to it”. I don’t care what genre, don’t care about the band members personal lives (unless they’re like pedos or something), I don’t care if it doesn’t sound like their first record. I like stuff from every genre, I go to metal shows, pop synth, jazz, prog…whatever…I just like music. You shouldn’t be ashamed of listening to any band that you like, you should hate the platform it’s released on.


So… anybody want to drive to Harrisburg, PA this Saturday and watch Steven Wilson? Two pit tickets are up on stub hub.

Before it gets taken down, there are 7 parts, looks like he is doing some Porcupine Tree this time around.

I think Hand.Cannot.Erase has been accused of containing all the above.


Saw the Pixies, it was fantastic.

Saw Graveyard, Clutch and Mastodon the next night. Graveyard was cool but missed some of it, Clutch…while they played good, I couldn’t get into it at all. Not a fan.

Mastodon was great but they played so much new stuff and totally blew a chance to play Blood and Thunder with the lead singer of Clutch who did the original vocals.

I love Mastodon but I most likely will not go see them again.


I saw coal chamber earlier in the year at rapids, but i guess theyre going to be in rochester with fear factory i think in august, so i think im gonna see them again.


That will be a fun show @Wahoo

Maybe I will jam some FF tomorrow while working on the house. Its been too long.


Lets take the camaro lol


Wow really?! I like Mastodon, but I’m just kinda on the fence with seeing them. When Drew and I saw Clutch last year I think with the Sword, they were alright but not great.

I think I remember FF being in one of the original Need for Speeds.


Test drive, fear factory - cars

My friend had it on dreamcast, but maybe they were in another game too


I saw Fear Factory at Gigantour in 2005 with Megadeth and Dream Theater that entire show was amazing. I would go see FF again…

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Exactly. I love Mastodon, great band, amazing skills. Lack luster showing. They are missing some of the older sludgier energy from their most recent shows. That’s just my opinion.

Clutch sucks, that is fact.


I ended up buying those Steven Wilson tickets for less than face value, asked a bunch of people last minute, everyone had plans, tried to sell one on craigslist up until the minute I left, ended up doing this:

The seats were three rows back, next to the isle, with no seats in front of our line off site. This venue is you sit down, stay quiet, and watch the show. She did amazing, I think it was a little overwhelming with lights and volume and proximity, halfway through the show she got antsy which lined up with appropriate parts of music so I let her dance in the isle. She did pull me out during halfway through first encore, The Watchmaker, that has a chaotic ending, so she could stretch her legs and dance around in the atrium.

Musically he can do whatever he wants and he chooses a lot of ambient, and layering, and quiet to build emotion. So as a prog ROCK concert Rush or Van der Graaf is better, even though Steven can be even more progressive, technical, eclectic and heavier in some passages. That being said, the song Routine was worth the price of admission, I’m glad I didn’t see any leaked videos.

Now do I see him again in Montreal?



Anybody that doesn’t have tickets, wait for the show to start, wait an hour for them to play the new stuff, then buy from scalpers at a reduced price? And still be able to watch a show with material that they haven’t played in 30 years. The second set and encore are going to be awesome.