Concerts Thread


I will be there


aside from the deftones :tup:…I have incubus Alive at the Red Rocks on Blu Ray


4 days until Periphery/InFlames/All That Remains at TB.

Incubus and Deftones are coming to Darien Lake in august…tickets go on sale this week.


I’d love to see Incubus, but not sure about Darien Lake…bleh.


I’m really disappointed in the choice of venue for that show.


My exact thoughts on it as well. not sure if I’ll go…everytime I’ve ever gone to DL for a concert I’ve been disappointed in the experience. It’s bad for the opposite reasons Xtreme wheels is/was


I’ve never been to a concert there, but I haven’t heard one good thing about the experience there.


Im surprised incubus is being mentioned in this thread since they’re main stream


Redrocks is an awesome venue, but the 30-40 extra bucks tacked on to the ticket just to see them there is the meh reason for me. Same reason I didn’t bother seeing Mastadon and Clutch there earlier this year, but I’d certainly pay the extra money vs seeing them in some shitty Arena or at a place like Darien Lake.


On that note, Breaking Benjamin 7/24 at the AgriCenter. Too mainstream to be cool.


Yeah its pretty exciting for us radio listeners




Should we apologize for listening to stuff not played on the edge? Maybe you guys should just go to, and post more about the shows you enjoy since that’s all this thread is about.


Im just kidding around, i actually hate all the music recently played on the radio. The past 5years music has gotten bad imo.

So im starting to feel like i listen to music thats not on the radio… well any more.

But everyone has their own opinion and should listen to whatever they want without worrying about what other people think.


Nah, don’t be sorry fella. I just find it funny that’s all.


[QUOTE=08GT500;4642811]Nah, don’t be sorry fella. I just find it funny that’s all.[/QUOTE



I’m referring to the uncool factor of mainstream music.


LIC July 31st, will buffalo have it’s first rave? let’s hope.


In Flames, All That Remains & Periphery on Friday @focusinprogress. Solid lineup.


i love raver chicks