Concerts Thread


This thread needs to be renamed “Obscure Bands that Some NYSpeed Members Go See…”


Going to see them in Toronto, 2nd row balcony, hopefully 1st row balcony isn’t fapping his brains out over Mike Patton’s hair-helmet.


I guess we are the only ones that got to shows on a regular basis?


I went to the coal chamber and filter show. It was pretty sweet!


Wasnt a dig at all, I just have no idea who any of these bands are because I don’t listen to the genres. Whenever I come in here I hope to hear of awesome shows since I don’t keep up, and I’m disappointed because it’s just another post about some underground metal scene or something.


I don’t know of any bands listed here either, but I plan to see seether in may


Thought I saw you there. Selling England by The Pound was the better show of the two (Night 1). Second night there was some dofus yelling out and screaming. He apparently felt the need to fill any silence or quieter sections with his own voice.


Awesome shows = “underground metal scene”

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and that was seriously one of the best.
Face is still melted.


Grab a hold via youtube and listen to some new shit. Going back to school I am all over the place with music writing papers


Having drank with you enough times i can say these shows would align with your interests. Incoming text for next show. fu

Get your whiskey pants ready.


I’m definitely willing to check out new stuff :tup: I just always feel bad that I know nothing in this thread.


Town Ballroom
August 10th

Social Distortion
Town Ballroom
August 15th


I’m super disappointed that I’m going to miss defeater tomorrow night… But got make that paper baby.


Atmosphere with B.Dolan is tomorrow night as well.




Chevelle today like in an hour


im probably road tripping to Columbus to see Ben Nichols solo if anyone is interested in coming. must like beer.


Mastadon & Clutch May 20th


I’m going to try and be there.


The wife bought tickets to Incubus and Deftones at Redrocks, meh should be alright