Concerts Thread


I’d kinda like to see LoG and Slipknot, but A)Not at Darien and B)I’m not a huge fan of either


+1 Id go to town for Slipknot just to feel 14 again ha


Got Faith No More tickets for Toronto this summer. 18 years since a new album and no US dates in ages.


Somewhat big Djent/Metalcore show coming to Broadway Joe’s

Barrier is hitting the road alongside Villains, Gift Giver, Traitors, and Adaliah at the end of February through March. Most tours have a weak link but this line up is pretty much solid from start to end. I haven’t seen this many breakdown bands on one tour in a long time. Hopefully someone will have EMTs on speed dial because the mosh is about to get real. Check out the dates below to see if they are coming to a city near you.2/28 – Tampa, FL at Epic Problem
3/1 – Lake Worth, FL at Propaganda
3/2 – Orlando, FL at Backbooth
3/3 – Jacksonville, FL at 1904 Music Hall
3/4 – Ringgold, GA at Cloud Springs Deli
3/5 – Troutville, VA at Inside Out Venue
3/6 – Allentown, PA at Croc Rock
3/7 – Paterson, NJ at The Wild Bull
3/8 – Providence, RI at Dv8
3/9 – Danbury, CT at Heirloom Arts Theatre
3/10 – Brooklyn, NY at The Brooklyn Asylum
3/11 – Albany, NY at Bogie’s
3/12 – Buffalo, NY at Broadway Joe’s
3/13 – Kent, OH at The Outpost
3/14 – Detroit, MI at Magic Stick
3/15 – Crest Hill, IL at Bada Brew
3/16 – Cudahy, WI at The Metal Grill
3/17 – Minneapolis, MN at Skyway Theater
3/18 – Omaha, NE at Sokol Underground
3/19 – Springfield, MO at Outland Ballroom

3/20 – Tulsa, OK at Vanguard Music Hall



Between the Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, and The Contortionist
August 6th, 2015
Town Ballroom @pirite @cougarspeed @focusinprogress @Gus

Going to see the Levin Brothers tonight at the Medici house in East Aurora




That lineup is incredible. I’m going to buy tickets asap. I loved watching AAL last time they were here. Never seen BTBAM but I’m a big fan.


TBS was pretty good last night, their new album is actually really good


you won’t be disappointed. I saw AAL with thursday and underoath a while back, and I saw BTBAM at club infinity two years ago. fucking awesome shows.


I plan to see filter on the 27th at rapids and seether in May.


I will be there


Where’d you get the time machine to go into 2001?


Well it’s coal chamber and another band and filter.


Try 1999…

Dont they only have that one song, Take Your Picture?


Hey man nice shot.

A few other songs I like, I’m hoping since it will be live other songs will sound awesome and maybe I’ll enjoy them besides the few hits I like.



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Rocky Votolato is playing a living room show on Monday, 3/30 in Rochester by Tap & Mallet. There are still tickets available, $20!


What’s up with all the TicketMaster scams / clickbait.

There is a $30 “great fun” refund scam, a $100 bizrate reward scam, and apparently if you close the browser on the insurance it charges your card anyways. Called and got it refunded back.

Faith no More in Philly August 1st meeting friends from Maryland and Delaware.

Normally I’d brag about sitting 5th row center, but the guy 4th row center would’t stop with the air drums and seizures.


Went to Toronto to see Electric Wizard with @IanK and @Minglor on Easter Sunday.

It was amazing. Truly fucking amazing.


Hope your face is alright. At what point did it completely melt off?