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May 20th, 2015
The Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, NY
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Also yes


March 6th title fight is playing in cleveland. Planning on driving up for that

also warped tour this year, the wonder years and riff raff. Lol. I be dat


Right now Riff Raff is touring with Chanel West Coast too. Not a big fan of the warped tour.


Death Cab - May 7th, Toronto.

Tickets go on sale Thursday @ 10am.


My 50+ year old co-worker is my prog rock ticket buying buddy.

He got Selling England by the Pound. I think we are sitting center within the first 10 rows.
R40 tickets are presale for Citi Card. We are sitting in FL4.

I just wish Steven Wilson was coming to Buffalo this tour.


Nice, I really want to see Rush. I never have and who knows how many tours are left.


“Trick question. Rush can never die.”

-typical rush fan

But me too. Rush would be killer



You already have tickets? How much were they?


Really pissed that I didn’t take the time to find out that there was a presale. Time to start checking the reseller sites.


After charges $102.


holy tits…It’s a fair price for Rush though. They’re going to play for 2+ hours and they really haven’t deteriorated at all.


Periphery with All that Remains and In Flames
Town Ballroom
Friday - May 15th @cougarspeed @pirite @focusinprogress @Gus

That’s a pretty tight lineup. In Flames is the headliner however.


I’m down for it. Periphery with pirite Monday should be great


Damn, I’d be in for that as well.


In in in. Periphery 2x in one year, can’t go wrong.

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Deff looks like a good time

Slipknot, lamb of God and bullet are coming to Darien also.

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Backstage! :slight_smile: