Concerts Thread


If she isn’t there next time we should move all of her indoor furniture outside and outdoor inside.

Or just drink all of her beer. Either one


why not both?


You are now invited. I like that out of the box thinking


I’d make a box joke but it would shine a bad light on myself lol.


Sleep is playing a show here in Denver, I feel like this is a opportunity I shouldn’t pass up haha


You dickhead. I started reading it and literally felt excited to see then DENVER. Killing me
Asshole ha

You should not miss that show


haha sorry, we’ll see if I can get tickets.


@focusinprogress @Gus @ProgRocker @cougarspeed

Im in for periphery. taking a half a day so i dont have to rush around before we leave and pregame like a motherfucker.


Boom. tickets for @pirite and myself.


@cougarspeed are you going? I saw this a while ago and was contemplating it.


@ProgRocker talked to cougarspeed last night and he said he plans on going.

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This is at Water Street Music Hall…I’ve never been there. It isn’t where Drew, Tom and I saw QOTSA last year.


You are right that was the armory.

I have been to water street a few times. Saw From a second story window there!


What sucks is later in the tour Periphery are playing with Devin Townsend


I’m in!


yesssss. lets all crush beers!


Really excited about defeater playing at the waiting room in a few months!


Going to see both performances of The Musical Box (Genesis Tribute band) with my old man. Saturday I think is Foxtrot and Sunday is Selling England by the Pound. If you are a Gabriel era Genesis fan or fan of Prog Rock, then you should be here. This will be my like 5 and 6th time I’ve seen them.


I just found out I might now be out of town that week. fu


Fuck that shit.

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