Concerts Thread


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve bought tickets to edgefest.


I’ll probably do the same. Venue is much better now for sure


x2. My woman wouldn’t tell me it was edgefest, just asked if I would take her to see City and Colour. Hearing Edgefest conjures up thoughts of shitty groups like Saliva/Puddle of Mud/Breaking Benjamin:fu:


I’m stoked to see City and Colour though! :lol:

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Couldn’t agree more lol.


might this be the first FGGT-free edgefest? lets hope lol.


Where do hipsters get lumped? At the last City and Colour concert, I was knee deep in Raybans, gender neutral clothing, and feelings…



I feel saliva/puddle of mud/breaking benjamin > city and colour/ and everything on the radio today.

But i definitely just want to see deftones at edgefest.

Deftones>breaking benjamin>puddle of mud/saliva.


My Mother’s Day gift to my girlfriend is that I’m taking her to see Coldplay in August at FNIC. Just bought pre-sale tickets today. I’m not overly excited, although I’m sure it will be a good show (entertainment wise).

However I’m really excited about checking off a bucket list band and I’m seeing Sigur Ros in October in Toronto.


Coldplay puts on an excellent live show for sure.


That’s nice of you to put your love of non horrible music aside to take your spawn receptacle to Cold Play. I would rather swan dive off the 3rd floor than listen to a Cold Play concert.


You know why I know you’re gay?

Because you listen to Coldplay.


SO stoked for this:


My wife is going o Coldplay with her gay friend from Syracuse…


Why did i think people would be talking about bush/chevelle…nope


That’s ok. I was starting to fall asleep there. Ever since becoming a dad I haven’t slept well. Thankfully that is getting better.

I went to Ghost at Rapids Theater on 4/17/16 and it was awesome. Looking forward to seeing them again in Rochester soon.

Die Antwoord Coming to Toronto in october


leprous oct 1:


Haken next Wednesday August 31st @ ironworks.


I bought tickets to prophets of rage


I recently saw Clownvis Presley and Mac Sabbath